when planners fight

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Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012



he & she found themselves to be

remarkably similar in

personality contrast,

for they both had no time for



both attaining some kind of

success at a young age in their

prospective careers, they waited

throughout the laborious search

for a significant other that would

mix just right---

finding each other was to the both of them

like discovering the proverbial needle in

the proverbial haystack---

one thing led to the other &

the happy domesticated couple

did their happy domesticated thing,

wrapped up in a new abode,

with glistening rings on their fingers &

yummy new dishes whipped up together

fertilizing the evenings,

energizing the both of them into

aphrodisiac bliss.


but the missing of the

pill was not an accident,

nor was it planned---

it was something of a whim on her behalf,

after a special night where they both

seemed to achieve that comfortable

warmth of true contentment

which often baits young couples into

thinking that they can spend

the rest of their lives together &

once she missed one, she decided to stop

taking them altogether---

sure, they had had a talk about the

starting of a family,

but together they had come to the


that like everything else they did,

it too would be planned



one morning, after testing herself,

she hopped back into bed &

felt it was the right time to let him


after all, things had been going so well

with each other’s careers & the two of

them seemed so happy together,

wouldn’t the news only add to the


which they seemed to be living in?

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