without your resurrection

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“It’s a bit like when you go into the army. The first thing we want is to take over your body. So, symbolically, we’re gonna shave all your hair. As long as you give in on this, we got you! We got your body, which is what we want. In one sense, sometimes the churches, some churches at least, do the same. We’re gonna tell you something unbelievable, that you gotta believe. If you believe it, then you will believe that they alone control heaven, that without them you cannot get into heaven, and then they’ve got you. You’ve left your brains in the parking lot.”

-John Dominic Crossan, Professor of Religious Studies at DePaul University in Chicago

*Drawing is called “Delusion,” by Sebastien Mansfield

Submitted: October 09, 2011

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Submitted: October 09, 2011



your mathew, mark,

luke & john did NOT

agree on the what, where, when, how, & why

of your saviour’s demise---

such a big lie is believed so much longer &

with an intensity so much stronger implemented than

that of the

most vicious


as four “writers” sitting in four different rooms

at four different periods of time

with no phone, no internet, no iphone,

not even a couple of cans & a piece of string

to communicate with,

these fictional characters did not create a

fictional character of their own

who would come again to judge us all,

throwing some of us into fire &

giving the rest eternal orgasms while sucking off

the lord,

for they are ALL lies

they are ALL fictional characters,

and though you make a million excuses as to why so


years passed between stories,

and why some things don’t even exist in some

while in others they do,




has to be dead-on---

yet, now,

in this 21st century,

where the true death of these absurd illusions

is creeping up the back of your spine &

tapping you on the back of your neck,

you understand that if your church reduces christianity

to a story that does not end with

your fictional character coming back from the dead,


those whose eyes have been sewn shut at birth,

whose minds have been wiped &

filled with the decaying smog of your


leading them blindly into oblivion,

while sacrificing any freedom in their one life---

that will all be gone,

and you are nothing,

without your resurrection.

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