Revenge Is A Killer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Scarlett wants revenge. But how far will she go to get it?

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013




Scarlett and her mom are leaving the state mental health hospital. As they walk down the stairs Scarlett breathes in fresh air. She’s been 3 weeks without getting any ounce of the outside world. She takes in the things she never noticed before. The trees, the robins, the smell of freshly cut grass. Looking up at her mom she notices that she looks distressed. Well what mother wouldn’t be distressed after picking up her daughter from a mental hospital?

Once they got to the car Scarlett and her mom step inside without saying a word. Curiously she looks at her mom again. She sticks her key in the ignition and backs out the parking lot.

“Mom, are you okay?” She asks.

Her mom silently turns on the radio to a classical music station. She always liked to listen to classical music when she was stressed. Obviously she must be stressed, was the thought in Scarlett’s head.

Without looking at her, her mom asks, “How are feeling, dear?”

Wow, how is she feeling? She isn’t even aware of how she’s feeling. She’s hurt. “I’m alright.” She says and pulls out her iPod. She puts on her headphones and starts to listen to heavy metal. She loves listening to it at a time like this, especially from her favorite band, Slipknot.

She starts to think about what has happened weeks ago. She has lost one best friend, Lauren. Lauren went and told people her secrets. In less than a day everyone knew her secrets. Everyone knew about the times she’d skipped school and when she did how many guys she’d be with. They knew the things she did with the guys. She thought that if maybe she confidentially told Lauren it would help her. She was wrong. And oh, not to mention Esme and Louis. Louis is Lauren’s brother. Esme was also her best friend. The one that she trusted the most. Louis was dating Scarlett. Esme kept flirting with Louis and eventually he broke up with her. Upon breaking up with her, he decided he’d rather be with Esme. And you can only imagine how furious Scarlett was. If you looked closely you could see the flames in her eyes.

She glances over at her mom again. Her mom has seen her when she lost her mind, literally. However, Scarlett can’t really remember much of what happened. She remembers feeling intense pain. Her heart was broken. She screamed. She cried. She could barely breathe. She remembers eventually ending up in the corner of her bedroom crying and shaking, surrounded by her 7-year-old brother, her mom, and two paramedics. She remembers having a knife of the floor next to her too. But she can’t remember what she was going to do with the knife.

When arriving at their house, Scarlett follows her mother closely behind. Walking in this house always reminds her of her father. They would always play games and laugh at America’s Funniest Home Videos, all before he died of lung cancer. He had a bad habit of smoking cigarettes. Her mom used to do it too but she turned to classical music. Beethoven and Mozart frequently plays in the house and car. But Scarlett quickly replaces it with her music.

Her little brother, Cayden runs down the stairs. He hugs Scarlett’s legs. She smiles at how short and cute he is. He looks up to his big sister.

“Scar Mitt you’re home!” he says still holding on to her. When he was a baby he never pronounced her name correctly. So as he grew up he continued to call her Scar Mitt.

“Hi Cayden. I missed you.”

He lets go of her legs and stands in front of her as his face turns serious. “Are you still crazy?”

“Cayden, stop!” Her mom yells.

“What? I just wanted to know.”

“Mom, I’m going over Casey’s house. I’ll be back soon.” Scarlett says turning back around to the door.

“Be careful, sweetie.”

“Mom, I’m 17. Calm down.”


Casey and Scarlett decide to go to the park. At the park they sit at the table by a water fountain. The same table they have always sat at when they visited the park. During their childhood they would sing here, eat, or share secrets and stories, just like best friends did.

“So, how are you doing?” Casey asks.

Scarlett thinks carefully about the question, unsure about her emotions. Is she confused? Is she scared? Is she angry? Or, is she vengeful? Why shouldn’t she get revenge? Revenge sounds so good to her right now.

“Esme, Louis, Lauren, I want them to pay.” She finally says.

“What do you have in mind?”

Scarlett smiles. “Something fun.”

Casey doesn’t know if she should be worried or not. But she trusts that Scarlett won’t do anything too bad. “Okay be careful, Scarlett.”


Three days has past and Scarlett has everything planned out. She has her necessary tools and she has a jacket to hide them in. She is going to do this all in one day. Otherwise she will be caught and won’t be able to get revenge on all 3 of them.

It’s 8pm on a Friday night. Her mom thinks that she’s spending the night over at Casey’s place. Scarlett lurks around the perimeter of Esme’s house. She notices a window is open. But it has a screen in front of it. She uses her knife to cut the screen open. Then she eases her way through the window falling into a bedroom. Esme is in her bed asleep. Why is she asleep so early? She thinks. Luckily, she didn’t wake her up.

Scarlett hovers over Esme’s bed. She then slaps Esme’s face, rudely awakening her.

Esme sits up ripping the bed sheets off her. A sudden breeze purges through the window. “What are you doing here? Get out!”

Scarlett laughs. She knows that she is scared. She needs to be scared. Especially for what’s coming to her.

“Did you dream about me?”

“No! How did you get in here?! Get out you crazy bitch!” she screams getting out of her bed.

Scarlett forcefully slams her into the wall. Slyly she pulls out the knife she used to break in with and places it on Esme’s neck.

“I dated him for 5 years and you took him from me.”



Scarlett holds her neck with her left hand and with her right hand she slowly cuts her cheek, leaving a trail of blood behind. Esme pushes Scarlett out of the way and runs. Gasping, choking for air as the panic sets in.

Scarlett was always a fast runner. So she quickly catches up to her and gets a hold of her. She pushes Esme down on the ground. Sitting down on her chest she reaches for her throat. Esme is fighting her from doing so, accidently placing cuts on her hands. With great force she gets the knife on her neck. Slowly and precisely she slices her throat. Esme struggles as if she’s trying to say something.

“What’s wrong, want to say something? Say it. Oh wait, I just slit your throat.” Scarlett says tauntingly.

She slides down a little so she is sitting on her thighs. Without hesitation she stabs her in the abdomen, piercing vital organs. With that she doesn’t stop. One stab after another she goes until she’s satisfied.


As Scarlett heads back to her house she notices that her mom’s car isn’t there. She must’ve taken Cayden to their grandmother’s house like they usually do on Fridays. She heads inside and searches her phone, hoping that she still has Lauren’s phone number saved in her contacts. Lucky for her, she found it. She takes a deep breath for a moment and calls her.

“Hello, Scarlett?” She questions as she answers.

“Hi, Lauren.”

“What do you want?” She snaps.

“I just wanted to let you know that your brother, Louis, is over at my house. He may not be here for long. He says he’s running away.” Scarlett lies.

There’s silence. “I’m going to your house right now!” She shouts before hanging up on her.

Wonderful. She thinks. She fell right into her little plot. How stupid can she be? As Scarlett pulled out her knife a thought went through her head. Her mom has her dad’s gun in her closet. At least she hoped it was still there. Her dad was a cop, a cop that happened to be very serious about his job.

Scarlett runs up the staircase and into her mother’s bedroom. She searches the bottom of the closet. No luck. Then she searches the top. She still can’t find it. At the top there are at least 10 different bags. She pushes them all on the floor and quickly looks through them. After looking through 3 bags she found it. She felt around it. It was an average pistol. Nothing special about it. It had 5 bullets inside. Which was more than enough. She slides the gun into her jacket’s pocket.

It isn’t long until Lauren is ringing the door bell. The ringing is going on every 2 seconds. Scarlett opens the door and smiles at her presence.

“Move.” She says as she pushes Scarlett aside. “Louis? Where are you?”

Scarlett remains still, standing right behind Lauren. “He’s not coming for you.”

“Why not?” Lauren turns facing her.

Scarlett body slams Lauren onto the tiled floor. Lauren squirms trying to get away. The gun. She remembered. Scarlett pulls out the pistol and puts it up to Lauren’s head.

“Please don’t shoot me! Please. I’m sorry Scarlett, I really am!” She says with her eyes full of tears.

“You stole him from me! You’re inconsiderate. You’re selfish. You’re stupid. You’re a slut.” Scarlett tightens her hand on the gun, making the veins in her arm protrude.

Lauren suddenly stops crying. “You’re not going to shoot me. You’re too weak.”

Scarlett takes the gun away from her head and points it to her leg and shoots. Afterwards, she places the gun back to her head. Lauren rocks back and forth screaming in pain. Blood quickly surrounds the floor around them, adding more blood to Scarlett’s clothes and skin.

Lauren is still grumbling and groaning. She looks over at Scarlett while shivering. “Louis never loved you. He was using you. He actually loves me.”

Scarlett presses the gun harder into Lauren’s head. “I have one last thing to say to you… I’m not weak.” She pulls the trigger sending a splash of blood all over the foyer. Scarlett swishes her tongue around the inside of her mouth. Blood even got in her mouth. She stands up drenched in blood and leaves out the house once again, forgetting to hide her body.


From what she heard, Louis is at a party tonight at Tasha’s house. Tasha is just another superficial teenage girl. She has so many friends. But secretly no one likes her. Scarlett knows exactly where her house is. It’s actually just down the street. She hears crickets as she silently walks.

Scarlett gets into the party with no problem. She walks around the party looking for him. Eventually, she finds him in the back of the living room grinding on some blonde chick from her Environmental Science class. Great. He just can’t get enough girls. She thinks. She goes over and tries to be as calm and serious as possible.

“Louis I need to show you something, something important. But you can’t tell anyone.” She says giving daggers at the girl he was with.

“Don’t you see I’m busy?”

“Yes you’re oh so busy showing public displays of affection with a girl you barely know. Come on Louis, you could’ve at least picked someone good looking.” She says still looking at the girl who apparently was offended. But she didn’t care.

“Who are you talking about like that?” The girl asks.

“Obviously I’m talking about the dumb bimbo in front of me,” she says then turns back to Louis. “Louis please give me five minutes then you can return to blondie.”

The girl gives another offended look and Scarlett walks out with Louis behind her. They walk for a while until Louis grabbed her shoulder.

“Where are we going?” He asks.

“We’re already here. Just follow me.”

Walking through an alley Scarlett notices a small street light. Beyond the street light, the alley is dark. She glances at Louis. Hatred in her eyes. She’s surprised he didn’t say anything about her being covered in blood. But then she thinks about how Tasha’s party was a costume party. He probably thinks she is in costume. He on the other hand is dressed up in a tuxedo. She wonders what he is supposed to be but deletes the question from her mind. She has more important things to think about. Louis freezes in his tracks. He faces Scarlett.

“Okay, what do you want to show me?”

Scarlett silently walks closer to him as he backs up into the wall. Without warning she kisses him, then laughs.

Louis fights to escape her grasp. “Get off me! Stop!”

She gets serious now. “Oh Louis, you shouldn’t have left me. You just couldn’t be faithful. It’s a shame. You have a long life ahead of you that you won’t be living.” Louis pushes Scarlett off of him. As quickly as he tries to run, the quicker it is for Scarlett to grab his leg and make him fall. When Louis starts to desperately crawl to get away, she climbs on top of him.

“You hurt me Louis!”

With his free hand he punches Scarlett in the face. Her blood starts to boil. Still on top of him, she picks up his head and bangs it on the concrete, momentarily knocking him out.

She looks for her knife. She finds it in her pocket and takes it out. This will be fun. She thinks. She knows exactly what she is going to do next.


Scarlett is cold, tired, and covered in blood. Blood smeared on her face. Blood stains her clothes. And her hands, dripping with blood. She finds her way out of the alley. She looks at her shadow on the ground from the street light.

She sees a figure running towards her. It’s a cop. She freezes. She’s too exhausted to run. She pulls out her gun and holds it up to her head. She closes her eyes trying to will herself to pull the trigger. The cop knocks her over on the ground. The gun fires but it doesn’t hit her. It doesn’t hit the cop either.  He’s holding her down while he mumbles things into his walkie talkie. Scarlett knows that it’s over.


“Scarlett! What is wrong with you?!” Her mom screams through the telephone at the jail.

She looks at her mom. Seeing the look on her face. She feels bad for making her mom stressed. But she doesn’t feel bad for killing them. She feels happy about it. She wonders why. She has no sympathy for their families or for the fact she murdered them. She’s just… happy.


Newspaper Article:

The town of Morrowville is in a scurry after the murders of Louis Mase, Esme Caron, and Lauren Raine. Which were all done in the same night by Scarlett Winslow. Scarlett and these victims all went to the same school, St. David High. From talking to her friend, Casey May, she has said that she wanted revenge. These murders were pre-meditated. Investigators found Lauren Raine inside the Winslow’s home. Esme Caron was found dead inside of her home. Louis Mase was found dead in an alley when an officer found Scarlett. She is now behind bars and although there’s no more danger in Morrowville. There’s still the fear of not knowing who could be the next Scarlett Winslow.

© Copyright 2020 DelicateDisaster. All rights reserved.

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