The Dance of Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Julia and Danny fall in love. Danny is married, but is having a few problems at home with his wife. After meeting in a dance class held at the local community centre, they instantly fall for each other. Julia is devastated when she finds out he is taken, but is determined to live a life with him. She doesn't want to hurt Danny's wife, Lea, and neither does he. But love doesn't always have a happy ending...

This is the first time I've submitted something on here, I'm so nervous! Please give me your honest opinion [just don't be too mean lol]. Thank you. I just had this in my head so I thought I'd write it on here. Delilahh :) xx

I threw my bag and keys onto the sofa and headed for the shower. The water was so cold, sending a chill through my body. I took my time finding a dress for tonight's Salsa Class. I was so nervous yet excited at the same time. Did I wear a dress? Or did I wear a tracksuit? I had no idea. Suddenly, breaking my thoughts, my head felt very dizzy. I felt like I'd just spun round and round for at least 5 minutes. Then my sight went, my eyes had been covered by a black blanket. What's happening? I said aloud. My ears became muffled as I heard my voice trailing away. I was in complete darkness, then my eyes began to come around. I could hear properly again and my head settled down. I still couldn't see properly though. Then, my before my eyes appeared a dark figure with a hood covering his head. He came towards me, and I could see a prominent nose and the menacing eyes staring at me. I heard a slight laugh.

Everything went back to normal.

I shook my head. What just happened? I stood up quickly and looked around my bedroom. No sign of movement. My door was open, so I peered through warily, expecting to see the figure I saw before. I expected to hear the voice come to life. But no one was there. It was all in my mind. I didn't understand.

I tried to forget about it. I was looking forward to these dance classes, so I wasn't going to let my silly mind ruin it.


I walked into the community centre. The dance room was filled with loud salsa music and lots of people. No one had started dancing yet. The room was full of red lights bouncing off the dance floor onto the walls. Tables boardered the room, filled with some snacks and there was a small area where coats and bags were left. I walked over there and dropped down my bag and took my coat off. I noticed someone walk by the side of me and do the same. He walked away. His gorgeous scent stayed beside me. I looked behind me to see him standing alone by some snacks. I decided to walk over there and try to get his attention. I pulled down my dress at the bottom and cleared my throat. I pretended to be interested in the little plate of crisps we were standing next to. I took a risk. I talked to him.

"So is this your first time?" I asked him. His face, just as beautiful as the smell of his aftershave, looked at me. I felt my heart almost skip a beat.

"Yeah. You?" He asked me. I nodded in response. "Cool." Great, I just made myself look a total idiot. He's clearly not interested in me! I slowly walked sideways, pretending to be interested in some other food, and eventually walked away. Then I heard him call to me. "Would you like to dance with me? I think we have to get into partners." He smiled gently.

"Okay." I beamed. He took my hand and we walked onto the dance floor. The music stopped and a short, muscular man stepped forward from the shadows.

"Hello students. You are here to learn Salsa, a very sexy dance." His high, Argentinian accent reached every wall. "In the next few weeks, you will become good, in the next few months you will become very good. In the next few years, you will become excellent, just like me!" Laughter filled the room. "First we will start..."

"What's your name?" My partner asked me.

"Julia. What's yours?" I replied.

"Danny. That's a really nice name."

"Thank you." I couldn't help grinning. Our teacher put some music on and began dancing the basic steps. We had to follow. We didn't need partners for this bit, but Danny stayed standing next to me. I felt an instant rush inside of me when we began to dance. I felt so...alive. I coudln't help but gaze at Danny sometimes when he wasn't looking, and I'm pretty sure he did the same to me! After a while, we had to dance with a partner. Danny raised a questioning eyebrow. I replied with a nod. We agreed to be partners. I thought it would be scary dancing with him, but we totally clicked. I felt an instant connection. I hoped he felt the same. We danced into the night, without a miserable face in the room.

"You look gorgeous."  He said to me, raising his voice slightly over the music. He put his face closer towards mine. Unfortunately, that reminded me of something that happened earlier. But I shrugged it off.

"Thank you. You're not too bad yourself." We both giggled uncontrollably.

After taking a quick break and having a few refreshments, we got back to dancing with our partners. We had to change a couple of times, which I was dissapointed about, but I met alot of interesting people. When I got back to dancing with Danny, I noticed something shine as the light caught on it. It was on his hand. His left hand. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. We'd danced all night, we'd flirted, and he didn't even mention one kind of important thing! He was married.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Delilah Judd. All rights reserved.

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Kimberly Derrington

I liked it,it's very well written and flows by perfectly. I'm just a bit confused about the part where she feel dizzy then someone or something covers her with a black blanket. Was that a dream,an imagination thing that came past her? Anyway everything else was fab. Will there be a sequel to this?

Thu, November 3rd, 2011 10:45pm


Thanks Kim :)
Well no one actually covers her with a blanket, its just a metaphor, srry if it didn't seem clear. But anyways thankyou soo much for the comment hun. There might be a sequel! I think I'll be adding more onto it.. and then maybe put a sequel, or even a prequel! Who knows...? Have a good weekend + seeyou on Monday :D xox

Fri, November 4th, 2011 10:17am


See! This may be the first time you posted something, but at least you started by posting something great!
Good beginning, getting the characters in and how they met.
Lovely writing:D!


Fri, November 4th, 2011 6:07pm


That is soooo sweet! I was so nervous but I feel completely at ease now especially with your comment. Thank you so much, you are an amazing writer btw :D x

Fri, November 4th, 2011 11:43am


I really liked this matey, and look at all the reads you've got so far! Everyone loves romance, (well apart from some rare people). Didn't quite get the bit at the start with the eyes covered and everything but the rest is very well written. Good one hun! :D

Fri, November 4th, 2011 6:52pm


Thank you, yeh tbh i just had an idea in my head and just wrote it down without thinking lol. I'm glad you like it though. I prefer my other story :P I really want to carry on with that one x

Fri, November 4th, 2011 11:55am

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