Their New Life: Part 3

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How will Tom's parents react to the situation? What will happen to the young parents-to-be? Only time will tell...
Follows Their New Life: Part 2. Happy Reading Gorgeous ;) xx

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



I looked outside of the bus window, following the paths of snow drops. They fell to the floor with not even a hint of noise. I don't know why, but I always think of bells chiming when snow graces the ground. I wonder how such small things can make so many people...what's the word...happy. Happy, that words makes me shiver inside. Happiness. That really was not what I was feeling right now. And I assumed it was not what I was going to feel anytime soon.

Tom put his arm around me and rubbed my arm. It was so cold but I didn't even care. The bus came to a hault and me and Tom stepped off. We were left at a bus station a corner away from Tom's house. 

"This is going to be fine." Tom reassured me as we slowly walked to his house.

"Is it?" I asked with no expression, so it hardly sounded like a question. Tom stopped walking and took me by the shoulders.

"I promise whatever happens I will be here." Tom looked me right in the eye. I felt like crying again. I knew he was going to be there, and I loved that. But I wanted my family. I needed them! I began to weep.

"Baby." Tom grasped me in his arms comfortingly. I wept and wept wildly.

"We have a scan soon. I think it's Saturday. So tomorrow. At 10 am. Will you come with me?" I look up at him.

"Is that a silly question or what. Of course I'm coming. I'd come even if you didn't want me there!"

"Like that would ever be the case." I say, falling back into his warm arms. I loved him so much. We kissed as snow flakes fell upon our faces. Suddenly, just for one tiny moment, everything seemed perfect. And then everything went back to normal, where everything was far from perfect.


"Here we are." Tom pointed out as we stood outside of his front door. We didn't seem to want to enter the Greenwick's house.

"Here we are." I repeated. "I hear voices coming from your back garden."

"Me too." Tom walked round the back of the house, gesturing for me to follow him. He was still holding my suitcases. When we got through the gate, we saw Tom's whole family in the back garden. His older brother, Kirk, was kicking a football around and stopped when he saw us. I adored him. He was a lovely guy. Infact, I adored his whole family. I wondered how they would react. Better? Worse? Standing around here without saying a word wasn't going to tell me. Kirk ran up to us and gave us both a hug. His hug was quite forceful, and I felt quite a hard push against my stomach.

"Ouch." I muttered quietly, but I was still heard. I didn't mean for that to come out, it was like a reflex.

"What?" Kirk pulled away from us and looked at my stomach. At first, his face was puzzled at the reaction from me. Then his eyes widened. He looked up at us both. He pointed his fingers at both of us, as if to say: "She's pregnant? You're having a baby?" Tom nodded slowly. Kirk's face beamed. He was about to say something but I put my finger in front of his face, gesturing for him to stay quiet.

"Why? Have you not told mum and dad yet?" Kirk spoke so quietly. Tom's mum and dad turned to face us from their bench they were sitting on. Seriously, can all whispers be heard nowadays?

"What haven't you told us?" Tom's dad asked curiously.

"Yeah, what's up?" Tom's mum got up and walked towards us, soon followed by his dad.

"What's with all the bags?" Tom's dad finally asked. I was wondering when that question was going to come up.

"Krissy has been...kicked out." Tom confessed. Tom's mum and dad's faces turned into shocked expressions. Tom's mum put her arm around me and said: "You poor thing. What happened?" I felt so comforted, yet I knew that when the big news would come out, well, I'm not sure they'd be so comforting.

"I might as well just tell you straight." Tom began. "We're going to have a baby." I watched his parent's faces turn from 'lovely, comforting parents' into 'Krissy's parents'. I glanced at Kirk, who was completely surprised by his parent's reaction. He felt so happy that we were going to have a baby, yet his parents were the complete opposite.


So here we were. Me and Tom with double the pile of suitcases in front of us, standing at the bus stop. We weren't going anywhere in particular. Just 'somewhere where I won't be able to see your face' as Tom's dad said. We held hands very tightly. We were all we had now. Just the three of us.

Now I was afraid that we were ruining this poor child's life. We had no home. We had hardly any money.

Maybe mum was right. Maybe I should get rid of the baby.

No, no way. Not ever. I've always believed abortion was wrong. I wasn't going to change my beliefs now.

In the distance, breaking my thoughts, I saw Kirk running towards us.

"Guys!" He called.

"Kirk." Tom called back.

"Mate, I know it wasn't too great back there. But you're my brother. I'll always love you man. And Krissy, you're like a little sister. I love you both." Kirk gave us a hug, being careful of my bump this time. "Where will you go?"

"I honestly don't know." Tom admitted. "But whatever happens, I'm going to keep you and our baby safe." Tom said to me. I smiled. I mouthed thank you to him. I couldn't talk right now.

"I'll be in touch. I just need to make sure mum and dad are alright. They're in a bit of a state. Tell me where you're sleeping tonight. I'm going to talk to mum and dad again, see if they'll come round. I'll ring you tonight."

"I love you brother." Tom called after Kirk as he ran back round the corner. He stopped, gave a wave, then continued running.

Now the snow seemed as if it was pelting onto the ground, not even caring about the damage it was doing. It didn't care that it ruined the travels of others, blocking the roads. It didn't care that people had to sleep where it was. It didn't care that it wasn't making a very comfortable bed for my baby, Tom and me. 

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