Their New Life: Part 5

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Krissy and Tom finally find living on their own a struggle. But they survive on their love for one another and the love for their unborn child. When money is hard to get, they see the trouble they're really in... what will happen next time? Keep readin' xx

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011



We left the hospital clasping onto each other. Our baby was fine. We reached the bus stop and Tom stopped in front of me.

"Hey, gorgeous, we're gonna be fine. I promise you." Tom strokes my face.

"Baby, you've said that like, a million times." I giggle.

"Alright." He laughs.

"I have to say, you were pretty amazing on that bus earlier on. I didn't get time to say this, but you looked so hot."

"Oh yeah?" He kisses me on the lips and we have a little moment.

"I love you." I say as we gasp for air after a long time of kissing.

"I love you," Tom brings me in close. "Should we get going?"


"Back to the hotel? It's..." He checks his phone. "...5:26pm."

"Okay, I think dinner at the hotel is at 6 isn't it?" I notice a bus coming and walk closer towards the kerb, Tom following me.

"Yeah, umm, Krissy." I look at Tom who seems to be shuffling from foot to foot.


"Oh. You know what, it doesn't matter." He looks restless.

"What's up?" I'm concerned now. I noticed him flicking through the notes in his wallet on the bus before the fight. Was it something to do with that? "Is it to do with money?" I ask calmly.

"I only have £20 left."

"Oh no, did those idiots on the bus steal some? Surely I would've noticed!"

"I lost it." He quickly said. He lowered his head in shame.

"It's okay baby. I have £30." I try to sound hopeful, but I feel like our life is looking towards night's and night's of napping on the street.

"We only have £50 left!" Tom looked at me with eyes full of sadness and worry. "I'm the worst boyfriend and father in the world. I'm so sorry."

"Any other boy would've jumped at the sight of me with a bump. In fact, they would've left as soon as I'd told them I was pregnant. But you? You're different. You're amazing. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend! And our little one couldn't ask for a better daddy. And I love you to pieces."

"I love you too. But I've let you down. I said I was going to make things right. I promised you." He grasped my face in his cold hands. He saw me wince at the coldness, but I gave him a reassuring smile. "Sorry."

"It's fine. I love your hands on me. And I swear, if you say doubt yourself as being the greatest boyfriend and father in the world, I'm leaving ya. I don't want you being like that."

"Okay. I'm going to make mistakes, but I'm going to jump right back up. I'll never doubt myself again baby, never. As long as you're happy."

"Hmm." I said with a smile. We kissed again. I kept my eyes closed even when he let go of me.


The hotel's dining room was the same sort of style as our bedroom: lots of creamy and browny colours. Candles were lit on every table with an assortment of fake flowers on one side. I felt like I was eating in a palace.

Through the meal, Tom kept making me compliments. We pretended it was a blind date. He was a French tourist and I was an American tourist. It was so fun, I completely forgot about our troubles.

Tom had his part-time job on Sunday afternoons at a Barber's and I was looking for a little job too. We'd soon have enough money for...something. A house? I'm not sure.

To be honest, I was more scared about school and what people would say when they saw my bump. Oh well, that was in 3 days time. I'd handle it. I know I would. As long as I had Tom by my side, everything would be perfect. Plus, Claudia would stick up for me through anything. I could not wait to see my sister again.

Once we'd finished eating, Tom asked me: "It was lovely eating with you tonight. Can I walk you home?" In a sexy, to-die-for French accent.

"You sure can darlin'." I replied in a Texas sort of accent. We snorted. "What's wrong?" Even more laughter filled the corridors of the hotel. We reached our hotel room.

"Here we are." I tried to speak without laughing. I opened the door and Tom shut it behind us. I felt hands wrap around my waist.

"Should we move this to the bedroom?" I turned back to face the French man holding onto me, feeling a little bit confused. Then I took a step forward. "Ah, what a lovely bed." Tom let go of me and sat on the edge. We laughed in unison.

"You know what, you sound mighty fine with that French accent of yours." I say.

"You look mighty fine." He didn't know how to pronounce 'mighty' in a French accent, so that bit was done in his own accent. I giggled. Tom put his hands out and I took them. I sat on his lap and we kissed. He stroked my thigh. I felt electricity travel through my body. We let go of our accents.

"That was a really nice date." I murmur.

"It was." He agrees.


We slipped into bed dressed in our pyjamas. I escaped the coldness and covered myself with the covers. I felt Tom's hand hold onto mine. I turned my head to face him. He did the same.

"I can't wait for my scan tomorrow." I say. I get no reply; his eyes are slowly closing. I cuddle up to him and whisper in his ear. "I love you." I turn on my side, feeling extremely uncomfortable. I switch to my back. I fall into a comfy position that would be very hard to get out of. I feel....mixed emotions. Happy. Excited. And scared. I did not want my baby living on the streets. I didn't want my Tom struggling to get us money, carrying all the weight. I needed to talk to my parents. With Tom. Tomorrow? Maybe they could make it for the scan?

I'd always imagined having a baby as a wonderful experience. Support from family would always be there, no matter what.

But that's not real. Real life isn't the life you imagine. It's totally different.

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