Red Sneakers And Snow Globes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

a girl breaks into her headmasters house to steal test answers.

One day two year tens, Kate and Sam were passing their Headmaster, Mr Samuels,  house on their way to school when they decided to play a game of truth or dare.
“Truth or Dare?”Said Sam
“Dare” said Kate
“Ok, I dare you to jump into Mr Samuels Garden and steal his spotty hat knome.”
“Too easy”
Kate jumped the picket fence of their headmasters house, ran all the the way to the back of the garden were the knome was, grabbed it, ran back to the fence, jumped over once more and handed it to sam.
“there.” she said “Truth or dare?”
“dare” Said Kate
“Ok, while I was in the garden getting you your knome I noticed that the window was slightly open. I want you to go into his house and get me the answers to the next math test”
“What? No”
“Why? Dont you want to pass in mathematics?”
“No I just dont want to be expelled on my last term of tenth grade”
“You wont be, trust me. Now just go in through the window and get me the answers. They'll be in a yellow folder in his office desk”
“Fine, but where did you get all this information?”
“I know a guy but thats not important. Now enough small talk, get into the house. I'll keep a look out.”
 Sam Jumped over the fence and ran to the window and, sure enough, the window was slightly ajar. She slid her fringers under the window and felt the dry crackling paint on  her fingertips. She wrenched the window open and slitherd in.
 It was dark and musty inside. She had no idea that Mr Samuels was such an slob. The whole living room was coverd in dirty laundry, leftover pizza boxes, stinky trainers and empty milk bottles. The only modern thing there was his new plasma TV (probably used mainly for watching sport but you could never be sure). she made her way up the stairs to where she assumed the office would be.
 When she got to the top of the stairwell she enterd a door to her right.
“This isnt the office. What is this?” She thought to herself “Oh. My. Gosh. I'm in the headmasters bedroom. Eeeeeeeeeew.” The Floor was coverd with socks and boxer shorts and it reaked of  stale water. She quickly left this room. She went into the room next to the bedroom. “ here we are, the office. I might actually win this dare” she thought. She ran over to the desk and pulled open the first drawer. It contained a stapler, a punch hole, 18 pencils a sharpener and a big pair of dressmakers scizzors but no file. She was just about to open the second draw when she heard the front door open then shut.
 She quickly ducked under the desk. Sam could hear the footsteps clunk up the stairs. They were getting louder and louder and louder until they where right behind the office door. She could hear the doornob turn and the door creak open. Sam could see his feet now. He was wearing red converse shoes. He came up to the desk and ducked under kneeling beside her and staring her right in the eyes
“aaahhh. Samantha Isabelle Green” he said in a slightly annoyed but otherwise calm voice “shouldnt you be at school?”
* * *

Sam had always liked Mr Samuels school office. It had movie posters from the 80s hung on the walls as well as a bunch of street sighns (Sam had always liked to think he had stolen them) and photos of him in different countries like Nepal and Eygypt. On the bookcase and along the shelves and cupboards he had all these nick nacks like snow globes, Babushka dolls, Pencil holders from India and Music makers in the shape of musical instruments. He also had a mini basket ball hoop over his rubbish bin and a Cricket ball on a stand sighned by Don Bradmen that he got from his grandad. He and Sam shared a love of sport . Mr Samuels school office always had a bright, welcoming, sunny feel to it, unlike his home office.
 It was funny. Even though she had done something wrong, Mr Samuels didnt frown at her like he did to the other students so she didnt feel nervouse as she sat there in front of him in his Perth Glory coverd office chair. It had always been this way with Mr Samuels.
“I hope you understand, Sam” He said “that you are in trouble and you are going to be punished”
“Yes Sir”Sam replied
“but knowing that you aren't the kind of person who does this as a hobby, i'm going to let you off with a months detention and two more hours of community service a term than usual.”
“Yes Sir”
You may leave” he said opening the office door. Sam got up from the chair, picked up her bag and her school hat and walked off. Just as Sam was about to turn the corner, she heard Mr Samuels husky voice called out to her.
“Oh and Sam”
“Yes sir?”
“ You going to the Perth Glory Vs Melbourn Victory game on saturday?”
Yes, it had always been that way with Mr Samuels

The End

Submitted: April 13, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Delilah Sheperd. All rights reserved.

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