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Not really a "Short Story"....just the ramblings of a bored little mind. But anyway - its kind of a "finding yourself" thing....you know the type.

Submitted: December 28, 2007

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Submitted: December 28, 2007



Sebastian didn't know what to say.

He was having a drink with his friend of four years. Elijah. The one with the broad shoulders, slim but muscular. Elijah, the "sexy Frenchman" - the one Sebastian's girl friends couldn't take their eyes off of.

And he was telling him he was gay.

And more, he had been "seeing" their friend Ollie - a cheeky Irish guy from their course - for over a year.

Elijah looked at Sebastian emploringly, willing him to say something.

He said nothing. Just sat there, eyes wide and sparkling in the dim light of the dingy pub, his plump lips perfectly forming one word:


Elijah realised he had been holding his breath. He let it out in a tiny blast of nervous laughter, the words "Just kidding" fleeting through his mind.

Before Elijah could dispense what would be yet another spirit-crushing lie, that he was indeed joking, Sebastian spoke.

"I'm glad you feel you can tell me," he said - probably quieter than he meant.

Now it was Elijah who was lost for words. What was he expecting Sebastian to say?

An awkward silence followed. Sebastian felt uncomfortable. He racked his mind for a tension breaker but nothing seemed to fit.

Elijah searched his face. He needed to know that Sebastian was ok with this, but his friend was staring into his pint, then around the room, at the bar - anywhere but Elijah's own, intensly dark eyes.

Sebastian caught his eye, finally, his lips breaking into a little smile that said "Well isn't this awkward?" Suddenly a thought came to Elijah: "He knows.....he knows I like him...." Somehow he felt ashamed. He had asked Sebastian to stay with him that evening but there had honestly been no hidden motive - Sebastian lived 15 miles away - it made sense for him to kip at Elijah's. And besides - Elijah was leaving for France the following afternoon. This was the last 24 hours they were going to see each other. A goodbye pint.

"Goodbye pint" - the thought sent a jagged bolt through his chest.

Their eyes met again. Sebastians lips parted. He was about to speak...


The cry ripped their eyes apart as they both glanced towards the door. Three young men were making their way towards their table - Stephen, Mohammed and Ollie. They had barely sat down when Sebastian sprang up.

"My round?"

They drank. They joked. They reminisced. Sebastian and Elijah barely spoke - their eyes meeting ocassionaly in fleeting glances that somehow brought a lump to Elijah's throat. At one point, Sebastian caught Ollie looking at him, seeming to stare right through him. Sebastian escaped to the toilet.

The flickering fleurescent light of the otherwise grim bathroom was like a kick to the head, and his eyes blurred as the Guiness flooded into his temples, throbbing. He groaned and searched the greasy wall for a lightswitch. A little surprised, he found one, and flicked it off. The little emergency light above the cracked and mildewed mirror sprang on. "Convenient." He bumbled his way to the sink and turned on the cold tap. He cupped his hands underneath the icy trickle and rubbed the little puddle that gathered in his palm into his eyes. How much had he drank again?

He cupped his hands under the water again and splashed it on his face, rubbing his forehead which was filled with a dull throb. He felt a gust of clammy air as the door opened. He looked up. Reflected in the mirror was a good-looking young man, eyes the darkest brown, heavy eyebrows, full lips.....


"Are you alright?" he asked Sebastian.

Sebastian didn't turn around. Instead he held onto the sink with both hands, slouching his shoulders.

"Mmhm," he mumbled in reply, "didn't realised I'd drank so much."

Elijah moved to the sink beside him, moved to rubbed his back.

Involintarily, Sebastian sprang up, away from his touch. Elijah's eyes widended in suprise. Or hurt?

Sebastian considered apologising, decided against it.

The young men stood, inches apart, saying nothing, their eyes fixed.

"I...didn't mean to do that..." the last word was barely audible.

"You feel sick?"

The broken English - like music - swirled around Sebastian's head. He'd always liked to hear Elijah talk. He smiled despite himself.

"I'm fine. Just need some fresh air."

"You want to leave?"

Sebastian looked back into Elijah's eyes. He nodded. They lingered for a moment longer. Before either of them could move, Ollie stepped into the bathroom, stopping deliberately at Sebastian's side. He glanced from Elijah to Sebastian.

Without taking his eyes away from Elijah's, and with quiet intent, Ollie said "Do you mind if I speak to Elijah, mate?"

Without answering, Sebastian left. He walked quickly out of the pub and onto the windy, wet Edinburgh street, loosing his bearings as the wind whipped the alcohol faster through his veins. He felt dizzy. And slightly sick. He wasn't familiar with this street, and annoyingly couldn't remember wich way to walk to get a taxi.

"Fuck it" he said, a little too loudly, and headed up the hill.

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