-As yet Untitled- P.2

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Submitted: December 28, 2007

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Submitted: December 28, 2007



The wind was throwing his hair backwords, the rain lashed his face, tight from the chill. He cursed himself for forgetting his jacket - he'd left the pub in just a tee shirt, and by the time he heard Elijah calling after him, the shirt was soaked through, his jeans heavy, clinging to his legs. Elijah shouted again, his voice barealy audible in the ignorant wind. Sebastian marched on through the now lashing rain. His heart hammered, his stomach squirmed. He felt unreasonably and inexplicably wronged.

He found himself blaming Ollie, refusing to accept the real reason he was so upset, so angry.

Which was what? That he had harboured secret feelings for the seemingly straight Elijah? That he had tortured himself - albeit unconciously - with the fact that he was a fag? Or was it because Elijah had picked Ollie over Sebastian?

So lost in his thoughts was Sebastian that he barely noticed Elijah had caught up to him until he grabbed Sebastian's arm, whipped him round to face him. Elijah's face was a picture of confusion.

"Where are you going?"

Sebastian couldn't answer. He didn't know. His surroundings had become a blur as he walked. He glanced around, surprised to find himself standing on Prince's Street.

"Waverly" he replied sulkily, then, remembering they both knew the last train to Sebastian's town was around 11pm and it was now pushing 1.45 in the morning, he admitted "I dunno," even sulkier still.

"Don't be silly, stay at my flat," Elijah demanded, pulling Sebastian in the direction of The Mound. They walked in silence up The Mound and down Victoria Street. Despite the heavy rain, they walked slowly and without intention. Every so often, Elijah would stop and look at the buildings and sigh. When they reached the Grassmarket - where Elijah's flat was nestled above one of the quant pubs - Elijah let out yet another sad sigh and said, barely above a whisper "I am going to miss Ebinburgh," bringing yet another pesky lump to Sebastians throat. He swallowed it down.

Though Sebastian had been to Elijah's many times, this felt different somehow, and as they stood awkwardly in the hall Sebastian could feel Elijah's eyes on him. Little droplets of rain dripped off of the pair, splashing a symphony on Elijah's wood floors.

"I'll get a towel," Elijah said whilst kicking his sopping trainers off his feet. His voice was hushed, though there was no one else in the flat. He disappeard down the hall and into the bathroom. Sebastian too kicked off his trainers, his socks squelching underfoot. He took them off and stuffed them inside his trainers. For the first time that night he began to feel cold. Shivering, he wrapped his arms around his body as Elijah emerged from the bathroom. He had changed into a pair of tartan pyjama bottoms, though his shoulder length hair was still wet. He handed a towel to Sebastian who, no longer able to bear the feel of his freezing cold tee shirt, whipped it off in a flurry and rubbed his arms and torso rapidly with the warm, soft towel, shivering somewhat violently.

"You ok?" Elijah asked, almost laughing.

Sebastian managed a smile. "Freezing!"

"You must get your wet clothes off. I'll get you something to wear, ok?"

Sebastian nodded, still shivering. Positioning the towel over his shoulders, he began to unbutton his jeans as Elijah disappeared back down the hall once more. He had just kicked them off when Elijah reappeared holding a jumper and a pair of tracksuit bottoms. Handing them to Sebastian he said "Sorry these are all I could find - they are Ollie's." An unpleasant feeling stabbed at Sebastian - jealousy? Why did Elijah feel the need to tell Sebastian the clothes were Ollie's? Was he trying to provoke a reaction? Images of Ollie forced their way into Sebastian's mind. Images Ollie in Elijah's flat, Ollie in Elijah's room, Ollie taking his clothes off.....

Sebastian felt the potent mix of anger and jealousy rise in his chest.

"Forget it," he mumbled angrily as he bent down for his jeans, "I'm just gonna go."

Elijah looked alarmed. "Where? At 2.30 in the morning, Sebastian? What is wrong with you?"

Sebastian buttoned his freezing cold jeans and snatched the towel off of his shoulders. Throwing to the floor, he scanned the darkness for his white tee shirt.

"Sebastian what is the matter with you?" Elijah asked with mounting frustration. Sebastian didn't reply.

"Where's my tee shirt?" he said, more to himself, as he picked up his trainers and pulled the soaking, balled-up socks from inside.

"Sebastian? Answer me Sebastian, what is the matter? Sebastian?"

Sebastian groaned. He loved the way his name sounded in Elijah's voice, but he wanted him - needed him - to stop saying it before....

"Sebastian?" Elijah shouted it this time, grabbed Sebastian by the shoulders, trying to stop him. Sebastian gave him a half-hearted shove and tried to step out of his way but Elijah's frustration had given way to anger. He hated being ignored.

"Sebastian!" Elijah yelled as he grabbed Sebastian by his elbows and threw him against the wall. He flicked the lamp on and turned to face Sebastian again.

Sebastian's eyes were wide. It was the first time he had seen Elijah's face in the light since he left the pub, so he hadn't noticed Elijah's swollen, cut lip, hadn't noticed the bruise begining to surface.

Elijah saw him looking, his hand automaticaly went to his face. He touched his lip tenderly, looked at his fingers. Blood. It had split again.

"Is it bad?" he asked Sebastian, his voice just above a whisper again.

"How did that happen?" Sebastian's voice was low too.

"Oh it was..."

"Did Ollie do that?"

Elijah sighed. "He was angry with me when I told him...." he trailed off. He was looking at the floor.

"Told him what?" Sebastian emplored.

"When I told him...." he seemed unable, or unwilling, to finish the sentance. Sebastian needed to know. He stepped towards him, willing the answer out of him.

"Told him what, Elijah?" He stepped towards him.

"When I told him...." he stopped again. Sebastian took another step towards him, his face questioning. Elijah continued "That it was over." He could not look into Sebastian's eyes, it seemed. Sebstian knew that this was not what Elijah meant to say - he was moving back to France for good, of course it was over - but he didn't push it.

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