A poem about betrayal

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this is just something i wrote when there was alot of drama going on... im not sure how good it is soo...

it is what it sounds like

Submitted: May 13, 2009

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Submitted: May 13, 2009




I miss the laughter and camaraderie

I miss the bond of friends

The sister you have chosen and the acceptance you receive

Betrayal even when it wasn’t intentional

Hurts the most from the sister lost

I worry about her in passing,

 Wonder how her life is going with no real way to find out

Being excommunicated from her life because things got awkward

Because you could no longer relate to her mistakes and choices

Betrayed based on growing apart

I feel betrayed, just like a man stabbed in the back after bending to help a friend

Feel this way because she went the wrong way

She went to the ones addicted to drama and pain

Druggies and sluts overcompensating for whatever they are lacking

Those she is so much better than

It hurts that they are more important to her that me and our friendship

The friendship that is dying slowly

Dying painfully

Almost gone now

Ghost of a friendship now

Phantom of the sisters we were haunt me

Yet never seems to bother her

That may be the biggest betrayal of all the fact that she doesn’t even feel the loss

Betrayal burns

Betrayal hurts

Betrayal is betrayal

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