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Aerin always found it ironic when she said her new adopted sister would turn into a killer and it ended up being true.

Submitted: November 04, 2014

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Submitted: November 04, 2014



It had been almost a year since the last time I saw and or talked to my sister, Baisley. Normally, you might consider that an unhealthy relationship but you have to understand where I’m coming from. Growing up, I was an only child until I was five. That was when my parents told me they were going to adopted another child. I had read horror stories about adopted children who turn out to be murderous psychopaths and was convinced that’s how this one would turn out. It took my parents six months to be approved and another two to find a child. They adopted a two year old from an orphanage in Egypt. She had originally come from a wealthier family but unfortunately they were all killed. She came into my life on May 23th, 1989. I had to admit, she was the prettiest child ever. She had dark skin and deep green eyes. Everyone knew she was going to be a knockout when she was older. I was reluctant to get along with her at first but after about a year we were practically inseparable. It was torture to be sent away to school during the day but as soon as I got home, we were attached at the hip. We had a special bond that couldn't be broken. I always knew how she felt. Whenever she was upset, I would sing her a lullaby until she would fall asleep. I made sure she was always okay. It wasn’t until she was around seven that she started to act weird. She had a strange fascination with blood. She tried to hide it but a few times I would catch her slicing a blade down the side of her hip. She would smear the blood all over her hands and her mouth. I ignored it at first but things just got worse. When she was 12, she always used to go on long walks in the forest. Whenever I asked to go with her, she would yell at me and say no. This went on for months. I figured she had met someone and they would secretly meet there. One day though, she came home with blood on her shirt. She quickly ran to her room to change but not before I noticed. Being the good person I am, I never brought it up. Except one day, I followed her into the forest. We went in relatively deep before she stopped and I hid in a few trees. She stood there for a few minutes before I saw a white rabbit come out of a hole. She bent down to pet it. She smiled contently. Then all of a sudden, she pulled out a knife and beheaded the innocent creature. I had to cover my mouth with my sweater to stop me from making any noise. My sister looked around cautiously before dismembering the rabbit’s body even further. After I guess she was satisfied with her work, she started playing with the rabbit’s organs. She even smeared some of the blood on her face. She sat there playing with the dead creature for half an hour before she stood up quickly. She ran a few yards ahead to a river. She washed off the blood and started walking towards where I was. I quickly hid in another bush until she was far ahead of me. I took a longer way home, hoping the silence and solitude would clear my mind. When I got home, Baisley pretending nothing happened. Not that she knew that I knew what she just did but any sane person would have to show the slightest bit of remorse after doing something like that. Then it hit me. She wasn’t a sane person. She was out of her freaking mind. I almost laughed at that thought because I realized little me was totally right but this didn’t mean I stopped caring for her. I had been protecting her from everything for almost 10 years. I wasn’t going to stop now. I wanted nothing more then to ask her about it but like…how does one even approach a situation like that? How could I even bring that up in a conversation? What if she attacked me? Not that I thought she would, however, most of us have seen frozen by now and Anna didn’t think Elsa would attack her and looked what happened! I decided to keep it to myself unless either she brought it up or it was a heat of the moment decision. It was surprisingly easy to continue acting normal around her. I was genuinely proud of myself with how I handled the situation. I was no psychologist or behavioural analyst but I knew that bringing it up could possibly make this even worse. Her going into the forest probably lasted three more years. At least, as far as I knew. By this time, I had left for university. Things almost seemed to be normal again. That was until I had just moved into my own little house when I was 23. It was late at night, probably around midnight. I had just gotten off my late shift at work when I heard a loud banging at my door. I grabbed my baseball bat and looked through the window to see it was Baisley. She was covered with blood. I whiped open the door, fearing that she was hurt.

“What the hell happened to you?” I shouted. She was breathing heavily and took a minute to catch her breath before answering.

“Can’t talk out here. Can I come in?” She stuttered. I put my hand on her back and guided her in. I walked her to the couch and told her to sit down while I got a pair of clean clothes. 

“Bai, what’s going on?” I cried as I got back to the room. 

“I didn’t mean for it to happen Aerin…it was an accident! I don’t know what came over me.” she said. I didn’t think it was anything serious because of how calmly she said it.

“What did you do?” I asked. She told me to sit down before she went on.

“Promise you won’t get mad. Please Aer, I can’t lose you too.” She said quietly. I sat on the couch with her and grabbed her hands. 

“It’s fine, whatever you did I can help with. I will help make it okay. That’s what I’m here for okay?” I whispered. She had tears in her eyes.

“I…I killed her Aer. She said horrible things to me and I snapped. I grabbed the nearest thing and I just hit her over and over and over until my arms ached.” she said. Honestly, I didn’t know how to react. I sat there with my mouth open for a really long time. This wasn’t how to get away with murder.

I didn’t know the first thing about getting away with a crime. I didn’t even know why I was considering trying to cover up a murder my sister committed. She looked at me with widened eyes and I knew that no matter how much this went against my morals, I would help her. I shook myself out of this catatonic state and grabbed both her hands.

“Bai, I meant it when I said I will make this okay. What did you do with the body?” I asked.

“You know that old barn near the state border?” She asked. I nodded my head.

“There. I know no one owns it and no one would ever go looking for her there because it’s two hours away.” She quickly said. 

“Did you clean up?” I mumbled.

“As best as I could. I made sure to use the same cleaning products the cleaning ladies use.” she stated.

The rest of the night we went over all the details with how she cleaned up and if ever needed, a perfect alibi. That night, I sung the same lullaby I sang to her when we were children until she fell asleep. She got lucky though. The cops assumed the girl Bai killed ran away because she had a history of it. We never talked about it again once we knew the coast was clear. Life went on. Ironically, I got into law. On the side, I studied forensic science. It was a lot of work and got me into a lot of debt but I figured it out. I also knew at the back of my mind that that wouldn't be the last time Bai killed and it wasn’t. Seven years, six months and 13 days (yes, I kept track), she first killed, she did it again. My fiancé had just gotten home when I heard the familiar bang on my door. It was only 10 pm so I rushed to let her in. She was once again covered in blood and had a wild look in her eye. I once again brought her to the couch and ran off to get her a fresh pair of clothes. I gave her a glass of water and waited for her to explain what happened.

“I had to do it Aer!” she shouted. 

“Bai, just tell me what you did.” I interrupted. She gave me a surprised look before continuing. 

“He abused his kid! I saw him beat his daughter. He would punch her and slap her and there were even a few bite marks! Don’t even get me started on his son. He was just eight Aer! He was eight! I can’t even tell you everything he did to that poor child.” She sobbed.

I wanted to ask her so much who she was talking about but the less I knew the easier this was.

“Did anyone see you?” I questioned. She shook her head no. 

“Are you sure? Did you do everything like last time? Did you wear gloves? He didn’t scratch you or make any physical contact with you right?” I ranted. She let out a soft giggle.

“This isn’t my first rodeo.” She joked. I gave her a serious look.

“No, this is a serious thing dude! You can’t get caught!” I yelled. 

“I know. I’m sorry. You’re right. There’s just no way I could get caught.” she said.

I gave her a skeptical look before accepting her answer. For the next few hours we just talked about anything else that we could. After she fell asleep, I sat beside her, stroking her hair and singing the lullaby  that I had always sung since we were children. She stayed around my house for a few weeks until things calmed down. Apparently luck was on my sisters side again. His wife had been charged with hiring a hit man to kill her husband. The hit man who had denied murdering him was also arrested and charged. Just like last time, life went on. I got married three months later. However, my sister didn’t come. I assumed like the last time, I wouldn’t see her till she killed again. Except this time, I knew if she did she would officially be labeled as a serial killer. I waited patiently. Sometimes I would secretly cry and wonder how my life got to this. Not only did I had two serious secrets to keep till the day I died but I knew they were the first of many secrets I would be needing to keep. Sometimes I would be tempted to tell my husband but I knew that was a bad move. It killed me inside knowing he knew I had a secret I was keeping from him. It was almost exactly a year when my sister showed up again for the last time. My husband was on a vacation with his parents. I would’ve gone except his mother had told me that this was probably going to be their last vacation together. A few months before his dad had been diagnosed with a rare disease with a name I couldn’t dream of being able to pronounce. Baisley showed up just as the sun was rising. She was covered in blood from her head to her toes and had a fierce look in her eyes. She came storming into my house, leaving bloody footprints all over my floor. 

“Go upstairs and take a shower. Put your clothes in a garbage bag and make sure not to touch anything else.” I ordered.

She didn’t even nod before  taking over her shoes and carefully walking to my bathroom. I heard the water turn and brought a bag into the bathroom. I cleaned up the floors. I heard the door open so I went to the kitchen to get a cup of water like always. She met me on the couch with a fiery look in her eyes. I knew something was different this time. 

“Someone saw me.” she said. I gasped in horror. 

“I’m sorry, someone saw you?! YOU CAME HERE?!” I shouted.

I was beyond angry with her. Not only did she get caught but the first place she came to was my house. I was about to lose my mind before I saw red seeping through her shirt.

“Bai? Why…are you bleeding?” I stuttered.

She looked down and laughed without any humour to it. 

“I got hit.” She said with no emotion.

I told her to lift her shirt and she did. She had a bandage covering the middle of her chest. It was soaked with blood. I went to take the bandage off before she grabbed my hand.

“Don’t.” was all she said. 

“Why not? You’re hurt! I need to see if it’s bad!” I cried. Tears welled up in my eyes. 

“It doesn’t matter.” She said. I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. 

“Yes it does matter! You could die! Do you not get that? Do you not understand that if you lose anymore blood you will die?” I shouted.

Tears were pouring down my face. I don’t know if it was the shaking or me crying that made her realize how serious this situation was. Tears quickly came to her eyes and she pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms as tightly as I could around her. I could feel blood going through my shirt but I couldn’t bring myself to let go. We stood there until she felt extremely cold. I pulled back and saw she was three shades lighter than her normal skin tone. We were both crying.

“I’m scared.” She sobbed. 

“I am too.” I said. 

“I’m dizzy and cold.” She mumbled. I pulled her down to lay down on the couch. I quickly ran upstairs and got all the gauze I could find. I went back stairs to see her eyes closed. I shook her awake and told her she couldn’t sleep just yet. I removed the bloody bandage and taped on as many layers as I could. She looked awful by the time I was done. I sat down on the couch beside her and laid her head on my lap. I slowly rocked her back and forth. 

“It’s going to be okay. Just lay down your head and I’ll sing you to sleep.” I said softly. 

"Aer, I'm scared. I don't...I don't know how to die." she whispered.

I stroked her hair and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Shhh, it's okay Bai. Just close your eyes and dream of laughter, old friends and lovers. Dream of when you were innocent. Dream forever." I hushed.

I sang her the lullaby until she closed her eyes and gave her last breathe. 

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