Cherokee Blood....

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As a proud Native american I can't help but think this country has still given a short end to the native peoples...

Submitted: March 16, 2011

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Submitted: March 16, 2011



Cherokee blood

Tears and blood cover the America's shed by her natives.

Their ancestors beaten, brutalized, They still forgive,

or is it they give up.

The Beauty of nature given by the great spirit

taken from them. Their History taken from them.

There land, women, and their children stolen never to be given back.

In the land of the free they are forced to live how Americans

say, They are made to be things they aren't, Their souls

scared from decades of oppression and abuse.

America doesn't celebrate the heritage of the people

Their race slandered in history books.

Their sacrifices are great in number, though

they get no recognition for them.

The only race in America that has to carry

a registration to prove their race.

Their graves plundered, torn apart and disturbed.

Their resolve to remain is strong,

A proud race, a long history,

Cherokee blood,


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