Memories of a dead Poet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Constance Grey born March 22, 1806 to Lenora and Victor Grey in Sheffield England. Grew up in a life of privilege being the only child born to her parents she was surrounded by love, attention and the best tutors money could offer. Her father being a professor of literature and her mother an opera singer took great care in her raising. As she grew into her teens they took note of her keen writing skills and her poetry. Moving to the Northeastern part of America when Constance was 16 they began publishing her works with the publisher who produced Victor’s romance novels.
Thus the makings of the most legendary female poet of the 1800’s.

After Elizabeth Parks began having nightmares following her bad car accident she seeks the aid hypnotist. While under she began recalling details to an unsolved murder, that of the famed Constance Grey. These were no ordinary details, they were memories. Memories of a nearly 200-year-old unsolved murder. Being a poet herself she begins to dig into the famed poet’s life. To investigate the facts of the case, along with her recollection’s.
The more she uncovers the more she’s keenly aware that somebody doesn’t wish to unbury the truth.

As Elizabeth gets closer to unlocking the truth, she becomes more aware that some secrets are better-left hidden….

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Memories of a dead Poet

Submitted: August 21, 2009

Laura DeWitt Born in Paris France on December 23, 1806
to Harold and Carol Preston, Her mother had been an
Opera singer from the time she was 15. Her father Had started out
as a professor of modern literature until he started
writing short stories and became fairly famous for his romance books.
When Laura was just 14 they moved to the united states settling in
New york city where her father started his series of romance
novels, for a well known publisher.

At the age of 16 Laura's father stumbled upon her writing book,
and discovered his daughter could write poetry in an utter divine manner. Thus started the journey of the most famous female poet
of the 1800's.

After Elizabeth's nearly fatal car accident she decided to see a
hypnosis about her nightmares. While under she talked as if it were
1822, she told the doctor that her name was Laura DeWitt.
Her accent changed also to one with a heavy french one.
She talked of things that Beth could never have known about.
For they were details of the nearly 200 year old un solved
murder that only the descendants of Mrs. DeWitt knew.....

as Beth digs deeper into the past she finds herself remember things
from a former life.....

Maybe too much. Read Chapter