August and Pluto

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It's time this girl forgets about her pass and open her heart to a new beginning.

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012



He's August, full of spirit, bright and warm.

She's Pluto, far from everything and everyone, alone and isolated.

He walks to the same spot, filled with flowers and evergreens.

She runs from the same things, fear and judgment.

She smashes into him, collide hips and lock eyes.

But she doesn't stop. She keeps running.

He follows after Pluto, reaping her coldness.

He then seizes her arm and grips onto it.

She falls on the soft grass and he follows after her.

Tears start dripping from her eyes, colors of grey wash out her face. She cries like wolves after midnight, yawning dark breaths of darkness.

He then puts gentle arms around her, caressing her head and shoulders. They're warm so she rests her cheeks on them.
He then asks "Why do you cry?"

She says

"Have you ever wandered into the wrong room? Hoping for pleasantness but instead, you get piles of bodies packed on you. You carry at least 15 men on your shoulders. They

talk of killing, jealousy, isolation, revenge, gossip, stealing and lying. At dawn, another has been dropped down your shoulders. You want help but they wouldn't let you get help.

They make you believe that pain is right, that it's a good thing. They brainwash you into fearing everything and everyone that ever lays on your path. Slowly drifting you from life,

you can run, but you can't hide. They watch you, your every move and make sure that you never succeed, so that you may come back to them. These men are dangerous but you want them to remain."
August is amused, he slowly moves and places a hand on her heart. "Ask me a question" he says.

She asks "Why do you smile?"
He answers "Because God gave us a strong heart for a reason"

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