Falling for this type.

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It's a wonder why men like the women they do...

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012



Guys, what kind of girls do you like?
Do you find dangerous and risk taking girls attractive?
Do you love the way they make decisions on their own?
The way they break rules and have danger written on their chest?
I bet you like the way their hair blows on that motorcycle. Riding down the city in the dark. The way their eyes smoke fire and the sound of their high top shoes clicking down the street.

Or do you prefer divas?
The way they make an entrance, drifting heads in their direction.
Do you love diva's with their long curly locks? Their curves that are so exotic and are acute on every corner. Do boys like the way divas walk with aggressiveness? Their confidence and strength. Persuasive words and facial expressions. Hoop earrings, gloss covered lips and attention grabbing attitude?

Perhaps you like goth stars.
Spiky hair and dark lips. The way they look in faint colors. Covering bodies with piercings and jewelry. Illuminated nails.
Do you like they way they strut? moving combat boots in unison.
Their sharp beauty, radiant highlights. Colorful spirit.

Do you boys like nice girls?
Their innocence. White dresses covering shoulders. Do you like the way they walk? Swiftly and silently. Their smiles that bring brilliant light to darkness. The way nice girls whisper promises that will be kept.

Do boys like nice girls?
Girls that keep promises and love unconditionally?

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