The cycle of friendship

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Friends don't last.

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012



They say that friends grow like leaves, flowers or fruits on you, the tree.

They grow from you as you grow from them.

They blossom or become ripe and sweet.

You enjoy their company because they make you look beautiful.

But have they told you that leaves, flowers and fruits eventually rot? Fall of your hands into the grass and die?

Have they told you of the many men that walk by and pick them off your fingers?

The ones that destroy them and never return them back to you?

Or the ones that cut them off from you, leaving a wound?

I bet they didn't say that leaves eventually turn yellow when fall sets on them, showing different colors to old friends.

That flowers fall off and die, leaving you with nothing but the mark of a once beautiful place.

That fruits grow and become sour too soon. Turning it's sweet harmonic taste into bitter rot. The birds then eat them off. Devouring the old taste of friendship.

By the time snow falls..You, the tree, are left with nothing but fingers and feet.

Unsteady hands searching for something to cling to.

You look but then realize that nothing is left anymore.

Everything, including your faith is demolished. You see nothing in sight but old forgotten trees....You soon become one.

You die slowly with nothing but memories of fresh fruits, blooming flowers and green leaves.

Coldness covers you and just before you're gone...

It's spring again and you begin to grow.

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