The forgotten love.

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Taking someones love for granted lately?

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012



She wakes up.

Cleanses her body.

Affix her make-up.

Pretty colours cloak her pretty face.

She wraps her body in tight fabric.

Sprinkles beautiful aroma all over her chest.

Pink heels cover her feet.

Shifts heads as she walks down the suburbs.

He's at home, glimpse at the time.

He quickly gets up and rushes out.

Baggy clothing from yesterdays afternoon.

He walks and takes his time.

Not concerned about being late.


She waits. An hour has passed.

He walks in and sits down.

Says hi and takes a sip of cold grape whine.

She gets up and gives him a kiss.

Soft lips cover ruff skin.

He relaxes and breaths in.

They talk. Share excitement and love.

She holds onto his hand the entire time.

Rubbing stress from his eyes.

In the end, she whispers I love you.

They brush lips and he walks her home.

Swiftly down the street in the dark.

When she gets home, he says bye, turns and walks away.

She shouts "I love you"

He doesn't reply, he continues walking and disappears into the darkness.

The next day. He gets a call.

Wide eyes and frozen heart.

He runs.

To the Marinet Hospital.

He gets there. Walks through doors.

Calls out her name.

He then stops, moves backwards and peeks through the glass.
He sees her
Opens the door and strides to her side.
He takes her hands. They're cold.
There's no life in there anymore.
She's gone. He knows.
The doctor walks in, frightened at the sight of him.
"She had cancer" He says.
"She knew that yesterday was her last day"
He looks at the Doctor and nods.
He walks out and whispers.

"You spent your last day with me?"

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