Quotes From Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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These are all quotes that I came up with through my time high on drugs, going insane, recovering or reflecting on my past.

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



Quotes I made up when I was over the cuckoo’s nest.


‘Schizophrenia is doubt personified with no hope in sight.’

The depth of insanity is bound by the imagination - which sadly knows no bounds.’

‘Schizophrenia is akin to letting off a loud, stinking mental fart in the middle of a conversation and then keeping quiet about it.’

'I have yet to doubt myself, but am constantly at odds with reality.'

‘If the guilt of insanity becomes too much to bear, take solace in two simple words - plausible deniability.’

‘It’s a thin line between conspiracy and coincidence.’

‘To be sure of everything you have to be ignorant of something.’

‘Insanity is a full time occupation - A life sentence.’

'The problem with hearing voices is that you can't stop yourself from listening - to the point that you become their slave.'

"Anything is possible" - smothered by probability, drowned in actuality, leaving a dull, docile and unimaginative reality.'

'Crazy is forever, not just for Christmas.'

'It's easy to say, all the more difficult to do.'

'You're not what came before - you're what can never be again.'

‘Sticks and stones may break bones but words can cut your heart out.’

‘Schizophrenia can be seen as a word and the word is - rape.’

‘The paranoia of my paranoia – is my paranoia.’

‘If the psychosis doesn’t kill you - the guilt will.’

‘Schizophrenia – A tale of shock and awe.’

‘The catcher in the lie.’

‘If you’re in the nut ward, you were dumb enough to admit defeat and get caught.’

Schizophrenia hands you the shovel and makes you dig. When you’re finished you’ll realise that the hole you’ve dug is so deep you can’t possibly get out again. As your there you might as well see if making it deeper can get you out the other side.

‘You’d do wise to control insanity, lest it starts to control you. It creeps upon you like the wind, and takes like a hurricane.’

‘What goes around keeps coming fucking back.’

‘I is a debateable dilemma - I’m a subjective debate.’

‘I’ve got emotional detachment down to an art form.’

‘Ego’s come and go - disillusion is forever.’

‘I didn’t just gaze into the abyss I fell in and drowned.’

‘I don’t fear god, it fears me - lest I make it cease to exist.’

‘Soon is never soon enough.’

‘God is total recall and an outside perspective.’

‘The power of paranoia is absolute – in that it fucks you absolutely.’

‘All good things - all highs - are such short lived, yet the lows just never seem to end.’

‘All things come to a dead end.’

‘A penny for your thoughts - a pound for your silence.’

‘Quit tomorrow, die today.’

‘Nicotine is a raindrop compared to the tidal wave high that is cocaine.’

‘Schizophrenia – Not fit for public consumption.’

‘Insanity – Just enough rope to hang yourself.’

‘I can barely hear myself think in this sea of psychotic shit.’

‘Woke up on the wrong side of the fucking universe this morning.’

‘Schizophrenia is not a good enough answer for this much shit.’

‘Epiphany to most is fucking obvious to the few.’

‘The phrase “how low can you go?” applies in too many ways.’

‘If there’s one thing I have learnt about Schizophrenia, it’s that’s its too fucking “noisy” to be me.’

‘If there’s one thing I know for certain, it is that wisdom teeth bring nothing but pain and grief. Which are similar effects to being wise or intelligent for that matter?’

‘After three years nine months and eleven days I finally remember what I gave up – I weep.’

‘Ignorance is way beyond bliss; it’s up there with silence.’

‘Death is the last place the insane man finds himself.’

‘Seriousness becomes fatal.’

‘The dreamer became the dream; birthed the delusion: woke in a nightmare.’

‘The dreamer becomes the dream; begets the illusion: beset the nightmare.’

‘The dreamer becomes the dream; forms the illusion: assails the nightmare.’

‘There’s something wrong with this universe and it’s me.’

On Religion - ‘When I come to that door, I’ll make sure I kick it in.’

‘Schizophrenia is a myriad of perspectives, a chorus of opinions, conjecture and downright slander. Memes so utterly consuming that it leaves no room for yourself. You become nothing. You live in the nothing. You crave nothing. Your own opinion is drowned by the cacophony of voices that are pretending to be you. Eventually you come to a stage where stupor becomes more appealing than fighting something that only exists to torment you. You lose all hope because there is none. Inevitability breeds defeat. ’

‘Talking to yourself  is the first sign of madness’. Depends whether it’s out loud or in your head - If it’s the former your fine; but if it’s the latter you’re fucked.

1st sign of madness - Talking to yourself.
2nd sign of madness - Talking to yourself in the third person.

3rd sign of madness - Talking to other people in the third person in your mind.

4th sign of madness - Creating a reply to the third sign.

5th sign of madness – Chaos. A world dubbed by delusion.

6th sign of madness – Death or Recovery.

1st  law of madness - Shut up,

2nd law of madness - Shut the fuck up.

3rd law of madness - Please shut the fuck up.

4th law of madness - Pretty please.

5th law of madness - If you’re thinking to yourself your still nuts.

6th law of madness - If you think it - it is.

7th law of madness - If its loud its nuts.

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