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Nyobi is a female archeologist who finds an alien artifact which only she can operate. This artifact has the ability to solve some of mankinds most sought after medical cures.
The artifact also has the power to change the world's politicl structure.

Submitted: March 31, 2008

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Submitted: March 31, 2008



The supper massive red giant controlled the space around it for billions of miles.  The star was burning its last fuel and would not last much longer.  Large arcs of plasma flew from one point on its surface to the other. The five planets orbiting would meet oblivian soon. The first one was in far too close. its rocky surface was already facing firecewaves of internse heat.

Oceans were boiling off into space. The sky was an angry ocher color. Clouds first appearing then just as quickly disappearing.  The second orb was a desert planet.  The sands on the surface were quickly turning into lava which oozed to their escape. Steam along with the sound of cracking rock filled the now almost cloudless but boiling red sky.

The third and fourth planets were gas giants. Different colors of their pseudo surface were mixing in unnatural ways. Some of the gasses were being ripped off and flung into space by the extra forceful solar wind. The fifth planet was an ocean world. Not one piece of solid land anywhere.  Around this world a huge interstellar spacecraftt was in orbit around the equater--a starship. its green force field, which engulfed it, shimmered at different levels as the Z particles from the red giant slammed into it.

Two hundred miles below massive thunder storms raged.  Lightning, intense in spots,darted everywhere.  Searing sounds manifested themselves immediately after the ionizing bolts departed their specific areas.  Hissing were abundant and continuous.  rain fell in torents at steep angles as the wind swept by at hurricane speeds.  Gloom engulfed everything.

The ocean's surface was boiling in between huge and powerful waves. Some were three hundred feet high. In calmer times the inhabitants had built square dwellings. They were fairly large.  They floated above the surface by way of anti-gravity beams.  They hovered two hundred and fifty feet above the then smooth surface. They were arrainged in groups of ten.  There were about one hundred feet which seperated them from their neighbors. If one ventured outside the group one had to travel about one half mile to run into the next congregation.

Strange symbols,almost like strange writing, was evident on the outside walls. Each wall had a large window devoid of glass. A force field kept inerior and exterior seperated. A rectangular space, supposedly a door, was on one wall.  It too had a force field maintaining a barrier between inside and out.

The incredible waves were now powerful enoughto battweer the structure with their immensity.  The higher waves would slam into the dwellings physically shaking them. Their invisible anti-gravity beams held however strong the wavesmight  be.  Most times the water would slide right over the tops of the dwellings.

The surging water tried to get through the windows but they were blocked by the force fields.  When the water hit them a strange hissing sound could be heard. The space would then turn a whitish color. no water entered.  One of  the dwellings looked small from the outside. Upon entering it looked three times bigger.  The room was extremely well lit. Strange markings were also on the walls.

An unusual humming noise could be heard. The outside tempest could not be heard except for a slight manifesatations at the windows. At the center of the  room was a small spinning cube.  Anti-gravity beams allowed it to hover half way between the floor and the high ceiling.  It turned very slowly while various random colors skirted along its faces.

On one side of the room two creatures could be seen waving their hands over control various control panels. Both were facing the cube. They looked human but it was not at  all a certainty.  The male called himself Ratook. He wore a beige uniform. Very non descript except for the small symbol that was on the upper left side.  It looked like one of theobjects on the walls. He was extremely focussed and intent on the instruments before him. Once in a while he would bark out instructions to Leva. She would [atiently but accurately follow his commands. Sometimes she might have an observation to let him know about or even a question.

She also wore a beige uniform but without the symbol. Besides them the huge room was empty.  Outside another huge wave tried to destroy the room with its unbelievable force. A muffled sound could be heard.  The room shook violently.

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