An Emerson Semblance

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This is just me describing a forest, or wooded area. Um, yeah. The title came from me reading Ralph Waldo Emerson, and the whole 'nature' book. I don't know, it just inspired that title. Anyway, sorry for what may be "too much" as far as description. I admit it's a bit...indulgent? Oh, well.

Submitted: June 26, 2008

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Submitted: June 26, 2008



The brownish brambles of thickened bark laid like beefy slabs on the sea of emerald green, the flecks of such natural roughage likened to paint that chips off an unsullied wall. The great and mighty sycamore trees stood silently, as vigilant as sentinels, the long bodies mottled with the drenal growth of moss. After such stillness was erected, a cool seasonal zephyr abounded, whispering lovingly across the trees’ visages. The wayward breeze drew fondling gossamer dainty digits into the big bright hair of the trees, the jade leafage dancing nimbly, in-tune with the music of the air. The sallied clouds overhead broke their tightened rally, before scudding across the sky on little cat-feet, the grand canvas of the firmament solidified in its substance by the sovereign atmospheric ruler known as The Sun. The spangles of beams relapsed into a stunning spectacle of particled fashion, as if failing to reach the glorious destination of the bottom-dwellings, beneath that rounded belly.

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