Aphrodite, Born of the Sea

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Well, I will start by saying I couldn't settle on what genre to make this. I debated with Fan Fiction, simply because everyone, for the most part, knows of Aphrodite and the whole Greek gods/goddesses. Ya know, mythology. And, though um not necessarily a fan, just wanted to put out there this isn't "my" creation. I don't know. So, I just settled with "Classics". For those not familiar, it's basically a 'short story' of Aphrodite being born. The myth is that she came from the sea. You'd think she should be Poseidon's sister or something, but yah, she's the Goddess of Love. Hope it does justice to the myth and whatever imaginings you had about her inception.

Submitted: June 28, 2008

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Submitted: June 28, 2008



It was mid-morning and the sun had erected its glorious reign by climbing the sky with great determination. Limbs of light were thrown angularly across the grand, expansive sea down below. The last of the early-morning fog was being burned away -- evaporated.

But there was an eerie calm to the ocean an out-of-habit way in which it stayed set, settled. Taciturn is how it could have been described. The prismatic glitterings in the bubbly froth where the shore meets the sea, was enchanting. Such a communion of land and water, made divine with light, produced rainbow etchings that hung low over the water, as if to replace the fog that had been burnt away. It could have been likened to the death and rebirth of a phoenix, the fog dying only to be reborn again as something much more beautiful. Much more colorful. Much more vibrant and alive!

Mm, but soon, a flock of seagulls had emigrated to the beach, boisterously and clumsily clamoring through the air before setting up perch. Greedy, noisy, territorial creatures they were; oh, and etiquette-less...for soon, from their rectal apertures came a 'scattered shower' of droppings, splattering upon this rock and that pebble. They squawked and squalled annoyingly, shattering the glassy quiet with the chisel of their dissonance. Then, something started happening. Something was occuring. As if Mother Nature was made furious by the birds' insolence, a mighty maelstrom of air was pointedly procured, blown right at the gang of gulls. They squeaked their dislike, only to have it fall on deaf ears. Or did it fall on deaf ears? for, the ocean started coming to life.

Under the ocean's once-calm surface, something was brewing. The disturbance was so slight. So slight that time and everything around seemed to stop, suspended, as if held rapt, as if it was momentous. A phenomenon. And so it was...for a pinpoint of gray could be spotted, before it expanded into a black disk as it rose to the surface. Then, out of nowhere, that oval of darkness caved in, all seemingly drawn into the very center, as if it were a black hole, a complete and utter dot of a circle carved into the surface of that water, like a pupil of an eye. It was, perhaps, a Charybdis II? yawning and yet, a-swirl.

From that maddening center could be seen the glimmer of gold, before a full head of blond wavy hair is spotted; then a face, and then a body. Each part of her appeared as she emerged, walking toward the shore, the incline of the land revealing her to all who looked on. From the sappy cliffsides, to the fawning wavelets. Even the birds, who were all squawk and no bite, were now silent, in awe. Funny thing was, those seagulls which were right on the beach, saw her coming their way, straight at them, to perhaps punish them for their insolence! But, that could just be imagination running about, for she had such a sweet face, a sweet beautiful face. She couldn't very well be a Sea Hag who miraculously gained legs and a sufficiently beautiful appearance. No. It couldn't...and it wasn't.

She had a sassy gait, her hips swinging left to right, moving at a graceful tempo, her tread nimble-footed; finally made it to the shore, a dainty perambulation, her feet nymph-like, were wedging into the sand, toes disappearing in the grains. She playfully kicked the sand about, skipping through it. Gamboling. Wearing what would seem a dress made of seafoam, bubbles, a train of the froth would trail from that sea-woven dress, a dress who's upper portion somehow was wedged up under her breasts to build a decent bosom -- not overtly sexual, but sensual -- her V-neckline offering up her physical wiles. Ahhh, but that isn't what she is about, is it? Not only. That sweet face belied the fact. With a cute little smile upon her pursed rose lips, and a twinkle in her sea-green eyes, she walked about, the birds which in some trance, still managing to move out of the as she moved in their respective general directions.

Then, something else happened. She canted her head to the side, having stepped back now for some reason or other, and watched those birds. Pink flushed across her nose, across that fair, fair skin, those pursed lips kissing the air, directed at the seagulls. Then, having felt that divine power that was sent aflutter, and having received the command, the seagulls immediately began courting each other. They pecked. They waved that plumage. They danced. They cooed. Until finally, they mated, right on the beach. All wings and legs. Watching the scene, a light flared in those sea-green eyes, approval written all over her demeanor. She still found it funny, though, a small giggle issuing forth from her mouth, her thin hand thrown to it to stifle the sound of joy. Why stop such a sound? It maybe had something to do with her innocence. She was innocent, and yet, not. An attractive juxtaposition of Virgin and Sex Kitten. Oooh, but who is this lady? Is it a siren of some kind? Some sea-nymph? A mermaid with legs? No. It was none of these. And they didn't come close to what, or who, she was. She was a deity. A goddess. -GASP-! Could it be?! Was it her?! None other than Aphrodite, fair Venus, goddess of love, romance, desire, and lust...born from the very oceans of Poseidon. Born from the Sea! Time resumed and Nature went about its business once more, as well as it could, having witnessed a birth of a goddess. Love, incarnate. And oh, how it abounded.

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