Butterfly Blues

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This is a bit of poetry really inspired from a term used while rping (basically a post-for-post writing site in the form of fantasy games in a chat), and her character had mentioned 'butterfly blues'. And then a lightbulb went off in my head, DING! and here you have it. Though, I can truly relate to the whole feeling of it...a guy wanting to comfort a girl who's sad or crying. Many can relate to that, even if it's just on a sister-brother level, or whatever relationship it is. Pain, pain go away...!

Submitted: June 24, 2008

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Submitted: June 24, 2008



Butterfly Blues

What’s wrong, oh girl?  You got dem butterfly blues?
It’s yours, this world; go fly to the moon.
So silver, it is, much like a spoon.
I’d give you the world, if I could; if you’d let me.
Tell me if I should; come on, let’s see.
Wouldju like it, what it was, that I gave you?
‘Cuz you look sad, my sweet, so sad it that it makes me meek.
Makes me weep.  Makes me weak.
See this tear?  It’s for you, my Little Bo Peep.
These aren’t hushed little come-ons, my dear.
Come on, hush, little one I revere.
There’s something about your sad doe eyes; your quivering bottom lip.
Your melancholy tone, your woes, your “why’s”; your shivering, soft-as-cotton quips.
I hear you. I see you and feel you.  I taste you. I smell you. No waste, I inhale you.
All 5 senses, I use, to fully embrace what is you.
Please get rid o’ dem butterfly blues, before I – myself – cry.
It’s hurts to see you like this; wipe – your – eyes.
I’m here, despite what they’ve done to you.
Hear me, in spite of my faults…I love you.
No more butterfly blues.  I’m that nectar you need.
Please eat drink and be merry.
I’m your protector; for you, I’d bleed.
For you.
Flutter, unfold those wings, and fly…
Mm, I have something for you.
Here it is. It’s a present.  And what does it say?
To: you.
From: Yours true…
What’s wrong, oh girl?  You got dem butterfly blues?
Not no mo’, you do….
By:  Demetrius Spellman
Disclaimer:  Chrissy aka “Devionne Oblivion” is the inspiration for the title.  From the title, came this poem.

© Copyright 2018 Demetrius. All rights reserved.

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