Freedom Was Almost There

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This is about a girl who escaped, from being held captive. Why? Who? I may answer those by expanding it. Maybe.

Submitted: June 26, 2008

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Submitted: June 26, 2008



Belabored with the niggling weight of misplaced trust, the young, thrifty woman scampered suspiciously from one place to the next. Tossing aback a tumultuous tenebrous tress of auburn, she hunkered down excrutiatingly low behind a gigantic sycamore tree. The fabulous fawnings of inscrutably sharpened leafage draped protectively over the woman’s delicate person. She appeared to be shivering, as if shaken by fear, the subtle vibrations of the body giving off the stilted visual sensation of temerity.

A vile tickle wormed its way down the nasal tube and burrowed into the dark empty cavity. She sneezed, throwing her hand quickly to her beautifully puckered mouth, pressing the palm of her hand firmly against that facial orifice, to stifle the sound. But, it was too late; she had been found out, for one of the men that was a part of the search cavalry to discover and retrieve her grabbed her by the back of her neck, large thick digits placed on both sides of the thin column, easily yanking the willowy form up. The poor girl yelped reflexively, stumbling clumsily to her feet. Her long dress was askew, voluminous folds creasing the burdensome fabric like bunched brocade.

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