Let's Kiss And Tell An Awful Truth

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i was bored :)

Submitted: October 13, 2011

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Submitted: October 13, 2011



~Tess's P.O.V~

I slam the door behind me,weeping into my hands.I throw my phone at my wall,hiting Andy Clemmensen in the face.I ripped down all my short stack poster,feeling like they let me down more times then i could count.I fell down to the floor.I staired at the floor,looking at all my short stack posters wripped to shreds.Why couldnt they just be strangers to me,like every other teenage girl.They could of just been my idols.But no i had to be going out with one of them.Well i was going out with one of them.I picked up my phone,the screen now smashed.I tear drop landed on it,i whipped it away with the sleve of my jumper.I messaged shaun about twelve times,then finally i gave up,knowing he wouldnt reply to me.I guess its over between us.


I walk down the hall through school.It was like everyone knew me and shaun had broken up.I walked passed Shaun,and a ton of girl crowded around him,i felt like i was going to die inside.I walked over to Jed,he looked worried.But i knew he knew.He spread out his arms,meaning he wantedme to hug him,i smiled at him then hugged him.A tear ran down my cheek.Jed looked at me,then whispered in my ear

"shaun doesnt deserve you anyway."

I looked up at him then smiled again.We walked off,trying to get away from shaun and all the girld drooling over him.I snapped and screamed behind me

"you wanker" then keeped walking on.

~Jed's P.O.V~

I felt so happy,i wasnt going to tell Tess that but i loved her.We had been bestfriends for more then 7 years,and she was so amazing.I walked over to Shaun,wondering why he dumped her in the first place.

"Shaun" i yell through all the girls giving him attention.

"hey man" he says then walked over to me.

"um.. so why did you dump tess" i asked straight out.

"i didnt,i love tess.Shes amazing" he said confused.

"wait did she think i did" he asked worried.

"um,well she thinks you did" i say now more confused then shaun and tess.

"oh shit i have to go find her" shaun says then runs off

Okay well this is awkward.


~Shaun's P.O.V~

I looked everywhere for tess.I couldnt find her anywhere.I called her,messaged her,asked all her friends.Non of them had seen her,except jed.I massive knot came to my stomach.I had to find her,she needed to know that i still loved her.I walked outside to where Eddie,Bradie,Jed and Brooke were,i felt like i was about to cry.Seeing Bradie and Brooke holding hands under the table.I walked off and straight out the front gate.I needed to go to tess's house and see if she was there.I walked up the front drive way of tess's house,walking upto the front door and knocking on the door..

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