The New Girl

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This is the classic story on being a school, job, or the community in general, feeling like the outsider, and hopefully making a friend that will be that friend for the rest of your life. I am pondering making it into a true-true story, adding to it or what have you. From this piece, I kinda left that option open at the end. You'll see when you read it. Hope you enjoy!

Submitted: June 24, 2008

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Submitted: June 24, 2008



It was the first day of school, and the girl named Cynthia was new to the school, and the entire area in general. Quietly, meekly, she walked into the building with her head held down, eyes tracing the path before her.Every-so-often she would shoot darting ineffective glances about, perhaps to keep her from bumping into something or someone. And God forbid that ever happening! The lack of direction was a great indication that she was lost. She’d scoot past people who blocked her way, with not even a coy little ‘’scuse me’.Mm, best not to disrupt someone’s sweet reverie or personal space. Mama taught her manners! Or her backbone was loosening. But, that didn’t stop people from bo-guarding their way through the crowd and bumping into her or brushing past her, not even tossing a glance over their shoulder for a brief inspection or look-over. They were rude like that. But, she was to the world, so to speak, and new to this school, this city, and its people.
Were they all like this? Did they all go about their business without even giving a thought to ask and help someone that was lost? And, surely, she did appear lost, peeking her head in this class or that one. She wasn't thinking. She must wasn't. Because if she was, she would have known to go to the office to find out what class she should have been in.
Then, the world changed. The world didn't appear so bleak and lonely and uncaring and rude afterall.No, there were angels in the world. Angels that were sweet-faced girls with golden curls of hair, with bright blue eyes and cheery smiles. One such girl strolled up to her calmly, decked out in a pink jumpsuit outfit that was spiffy-new. Yes, she was all eyes-and-ears, smile stretching from one side of the face to the other. And the little black girl, the new girl, Cynthia, could tell she meant it. And it made her smile too. No, it wouldn't be so bad, or so she hoped. The warm-spirited girl finally introduced herself,"Hello, my name is Amber. What is your name? Are you new here?"
Cynthia shyly responded,"Y-yes, I'm new here."
As if Amber could read her thoughts, quite possibly reading it on her face, she offered,"Well, I could show you around later. But, it's almost time for class. Do you know where to go?", not even realizing that Cynthia didn’t answer her ‘what is your name’ question.

Cynthia scrunched up her face and shook her head, saying quietly,as if she were embarrassed, head held down as if to avoid seeing the look on Amber’s face.
“No, I don’t know where to go.”

Amber said,"Well, let me see your schedule."

Cynthia slowly handed the crinkled paper that was sloppily folded, to her, wondering what she was thinking. Amber unfolded it, it rustling as she did so, scanning up-and-down quickly, but thoroughly, replying,"Eh, you're in class with me! The morning class – homeroom.Room 13.I heard the teacher’s really nice.Her name’s Mrs. Hallmark.”
Cynthia softly smiled, her eyes shining slightly at the coincidence of the two being in the same class. It was just perfect!! No, the world WASN'T that bad afterall!! Cynthia said,"Wow, that's great!” a little more calmly than she actually felt, trying to play it cool.
Amber nodded in agreement,"Yeah, it is!!"
And then, the bell rung, and she yelled,"Uh-oh!! It's 8:30! We're gonna be late!! Let's go."
Amber ran off to the right, down the hallway, to Room 13. A few moments later, Cynthia came up behind her, both standing outside the classroom door. It was closed. Mm, what to do. Should we go inside? Or politely wait outside, until asked in? Can’t be asked inside if no one knows you’re out here in the first place, you dolt! her common sense toughly reminds her.
They decide to go inside, (well, Amber decided, she more or less just followed), shuffling in with their heads held down, the teacher saying,”Welcome…”, glancing down at the roll in front of her, on her desk, squinting her eyes, before launching her beady-eyed gaze back their way,”…Amber and Cynthia?”
Hm, turns out they were the last to arrive. Snickers could be heard sprinkled throughout the classroom, and Amber's face grew hot-red. Cynthia thought, Wow even SHE gets embarrassed!!

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