The Script's Bane Chapter 2

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Continuation of part one

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011




The Script’s Bane – Chapter 2

Rounding up the gang

“That sounds... Nice,” Twilight offered. The drably coated Unicorn’s face lit up at the words.

“Doesn’t it though?” He exclaimed rhetorically, not sensing the hesitation in the smaller Unicorn mare standing adjacent to him. “I don’t suppose you’ve had the time to go out and make any friends since you’re move to Ponyville? If you brought a team with you it would save me a lot of hassle!”

“Actually,” Twilight started, as the adventure seeking colt cast his eyes around the room once again, as if he believed he was missing something. “That’s the main reason for my staying in Ponyville after the defeat of Nightmare Moon.”

“Ah, yes,” Scripture realised, turning to give the purple mare his full attention. “I should have known that, had I not dropped out of the school.”

Twilight was shocked. As she recalled, Scripture was actually quite a talented magician and was within the top 3 in his class. “Dropped out? Why?” Twilight finally asked, trying to not look too surprised.

“Adventure, my dear Twilight,” He stated quite bluntly, “That and I lacked the funds to continue my education.” He added, with a twinge of sadness in his voice.

Twilight felt a pang of guilt at these words; her parents had paid in full themselves for her private tutoring. Scripture however, was not from the wealthiest of Canterlot families to say the least. The guilt was eradicated, however, as Scripture began beaming once again.

“So that means you do have some friends! Pray tell, are they eligible for... ADVENTURE?!” He proposed the question quite oddly, Twilight thought, although he didn’t seem the most ‘normal’ of ponies in the first place. After only knowing him as a friendly face in the school for about a year or two, he was still in all respects a stranger to her.

“Erm, I guess so,” She said hesitantly. “I know Rainbow Dash would-” She was cut off as Scripture gasped.

“Rainbow Dash?” He asked, not actually expecting an answer as he continued. “The winner of this year’s best young flier competition in Cloudsdale?” This time Twilight nodded in response.

“And the first to perform a sonic rainboom,” Twilight added. “How did you hear about her?”

“My, my, my, Twilight,” Scripture tutted, reminding her of a certain, prim and proper, unicorn fashionista. “You simply must read the news more! She was on the front page of every newspaper in Canterlot and doubtless, Ponyville, shortly after the event.”

“Oh...” Twilight chuckled, slightly embarrassed that with all the reading she had done, she never bothered with the local newspaper.

“We’re getting carried away once again, Miss Sparkle. You must introduce me to these friends of yours ASAP!”

Twilight sighed, but with a friendly smile emblazoned upon her face, she led her grey Unicorn acquaintance out of the Library and through the town, towards the Carousel Boutique.

Upon opening the door, a bell jingled and a White coated and very well maintained Unicorn appeared atop a flight of stairs. Her beautifully curled, purple mane bounced lightly as she made her way down. “I’ll be there in just a moment, darling,” The Unicorn half sung. “Twilight, dear!” She said upon arriving at the bottom, very proper, aware of the strange Unicorn accompanying her friend.

“Hey Rarity,” Twilight said with a smile, turning to face Scripture. “This is a friend of mine, Scripture. He’s come from Canterlot on... ‘Business’.” Rarity’s eyes lit up at the revelation and she stepped forward to greet Scripture in full.

“M’lady,” Scripture said, bowing and taking Rarity’s front-right hoof in his. “A pleasure to meet you.”

Rarity practically squee’d with the display of chivalry, but kept her composure and offered a small bow to the Gentlecolt that had now released her hoof and was bringing his head back up. “Why, the pleasure is all mine, I assure you.” Twilight rolled her eyes but neither of the Unicorns accompanying her took notice.

“This is all very nice,” she said, gaining their attention. “But would you care to explain why it is you’re actually here, Scripture?” There was a pause before the Grey Unicorn actually caught on.

“Oh! Ah, yes, very well,” He spluttered, turning to face Rarity to begin his elaborate explanation. “There’s a big moon gem in the desert and we’re going to go find it.” He said with a childish grin.

Twilight responded by face-hoofing hard, nearly warranting a bruise to form on her forehead. “I guess that’s the basic idea,” She said, removing the hoof from her face. “Scripture here was hoping to form a sort of team to accompany him on the journey.”

“Aye, that,” He agreed, still grinning like a foal. “I’m on a sort of quest, as t’were, to find ‘The Moon’s Bane’! Adventure and treasure lay beyond that horizon, miss Rarity, I swear it!” Whilst speaking the last line he pointed a hoof at the nearest window and sure enough, the horizon lay empty and mysterious in the distance. There was a rather long pause before Rarity spoke, pursing her lips slightly in thought.

“Adventure and treasure, you say? Well, as much as I hate to admit it, that does sound a whole lot more fun than what I’ve been busying myself with over the last few weeks,” She said simply, keeping her poise. “I guess I could accompany you, allowing that Sweetie Belle could be taken care of in my absence.”

“CAPITAL!” Scripture roared unexpectedly, causing both the mares in his company to flinch. “We should be setting off in a couple of day’s M’lady. Who’s next Twilight?” With that, the party of two departed the Carousel Boutique, leaving Rarity to pack whatever she needed to pack and make arrangements for Sweetie Belle.

Walking from the Library to the Boutique and having their conversation with Rarity had apparently taken quite some time, Twilight thought, seeing as the Sun had crawled a rather long way across the sky when they finally arrived at the town square, where the market was in full swing.

“Howdy, Twi!” They heard a mare with a decently thick accent call. The two Unicorns turned and were greeted with the sight of Applejack. The farm mare having sold quite a few apples during the day it seemed. “How ‘bout ya introduce me to yer friend there?” When Twilight turned to look at Scripture, he was idly window shopping and had begun to stroll lazily towards a fruit and vegetable stall.

“Oh hey, AJ, this is Scripture” she said, raising a hoof towards the wondering, grey unicorn.

“That’s me!” He said, finally coming to attention and turning away from the other stall, leaving a quite disgruntled Carrot Top. “Good day to you, miss... Erm... what was it?”

“The name’s Applejack, sugercube,” she said reaching out a hoof as the Unicorn grew nearer. “Welcome to Ponyville!”

“Why thank you, mi- UUUHHH!” He was cut short as she engaged him in a, rather violent, hoof shake. Twilight giggled as she remembered that was exactly the same way Applejack had greeted her during her first visit to Sweet Apple Acres. The hoof shake was disengaged and, with arm still flailing, Scripture stepped backwards. “Miss Applejack,” He finished.

“So, what brings ya around these parts?” She inquired with a friendly smile. All the ponies in this town are ridiculously friendly! He thought to himself. It’s brilliant!

“Well actually, there’s a big moon ge-” He stopped and turned to Twilight. “You’d probably be better at explaining it.” He said with a weak chuckle and let her step forward to talk to her friend. After a brief explanation from Twilight, Applejack’s smile grew even broader.

“Well whooee! That sure sounds like a hell of a way to spend a week! That is... how long you thinking this lil’ venture’ll take?” She nudged her hat slightly with a hoof to gain better protection from the sun, which was now about 3 quarters of the way across the sky. And cast a warm orange glow upon the town.

“Oh no longer than a week, I estimate...” He paused before recalculating. “Although I’d make way for a fortnight in your schedule just to be safe.”

Applejack chuckled and nodded. “That’s alright sugercube, I’m sure Big Macintosh’ll have whatever needs to be done covered while ah’m gone.”

With a few more pleasantries, they set off once again, this time towards Sugercube Corner. “Now i warn you, Scripture,” Twilight began as they neared the pink bakery. “Pinkie Pie isn’t exactly what you’d call ‘normal’. She can be a little... overenthusiastic at times.”

“Oh I’m sure I can handle her,” Scripture smiled, not realising quite what was in store. As he finished, Twilight swung the door to Sugercube Corner open, revealing that the store was quite empty. Two figures stood at the back of the room, chatting. One was a vibrant Pink, with a matching Pink mane and tail, both poofed up in a manner Scripture suspected wasn’t quite natural. Scripture assumed this was the aforementioned Pinkie Pie. Aptly named, methinks.

The other pony, stood beside her, was a cyan coated Pegasus. From a glance at her main and tail, both short and vibrant with all the colours of the visible spectrum, Scripture could only assume that this was the Rainbow Dash he’d read about a couple of months before.

As the pair of Unicorns neared, Scripture realised just how stark of a contrast these two very vibrantly coloured ponies posed to the dusty, grey coated colt. “Greetings!” He spoke as they closed in, noticing that neither of the talking ponies seemed to have noticed the arrival of the Unicorns. As they turned to face Twilight and the newcomer it appeared as if Rainbow Dash was going to be the first to talk. Then Pinkie Pie happened.

“OH MY GOSH! Twilight who’s this? Is he a friend? A close friend? An old friend? Do you even know him? Oh he must be new around here because I know Everypony in Ponyville and I mean Everypony! And if he’s new that means he musn’t have any friends! And that makes me so sad! Unless you’re his friend? So are you his friend? Or is he like, more than a friend?”


“Twilight! You never told us you had a colt friend! Unless he’s not even a friend so much, is he family? Have you got family visiting?!”


“I’ve never met your family before! Oh hey mr Sparkle! How are you related to Twilight? Are you her dad? No, no, no, she’s talked about her dad before, he definitely wasn’t grey, was he? You know he might have been! OH MY GOSH TWILIGHT! You have family visiting! You know what this calls fo-”

“PINKIE!” Twilight shouted finally, putting an at least temporary stop to the Pink mare’s rant.

“Yes, Twilight?” The Pink mare asked, blinking innocently.

“This is Scripture,” She waved a hoof at said Unicorn before continuing hurriedly, before Pinkie could interject. “He’s visiting from Canterlot and yes, he is an old friend of mine. He has a proposition for the two of you.” She said the last line now addressing the currently silent Rainbow Dash.

“Aye,” Scripture said loudly, as if they needed some sort of verification for what the lavender Unicorn was saying. “I’m gathering a party-” Wrong word.

Pinkie Pie practically hovered above the ground as she squealed in excitement. “I LOVE PARTIES!”

“Pinkie,” Twilight said cautiously, trying to put an end to whatever she was about to start before it could begin. “It’s not that kind of party.” You could almost hear the cogs turning in the bubbly mare’s head as she continued to defy gravity, motionless and perpetually floating in midair. Before she could come up with any sort of logic-defying solution to the Party problem, Scripture carried on.

“I’m gathering a GROUP,” He emphasised the word strongly before going on. “To partake in a.. a quest of sorts.” Confound it Twilight, you weren’t kidding were you?

“Oh...” Pinkie said, floating lazily to the ground, once again putting out the window everything the Unicorn new about physics. WHAT IS SHE?! “Groups are fine too I guess...”

“That sounds cool,” Rainbow Dash spoke for the first time during the encounter. “Where ya heading?”

“Twilight?” Scripture pleaded, turning his head to face his purple companion. Twilight sighed and continued to tell the pair of brightly coloured ponies about The Moon’s Bane and its rumoured location.

After an: “Awesome! I’m in!” from dash and a rather long and complex paragraph of rushed words from Pinkie equating to a similar meaning, Scripture and Twilight left the bakery and the two mares and back to the Library. 

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