Not only on a full moon.

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Young Pandora age 22 goes to Italy in searce of something or someone. She meets new friends and starts what seems to be a good new life...

Submitted: August 29, 2008

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Submitted: August 29, 2008



I took off the airline head phones as the movie ended, and looked out the window. Wow, It's simply amazing.Wonder lands stretched beneath me, in tents of gold’s, reds, greens, oranges, and yellows. Dotted with cities and small towns. It really does look like a boot, Ha, who would have thought...

The voice over the intercom came on once again "Please secure your seats belts and compartments, we are about to land." a male voice said and then turned to static and beeped off a moment later. Yes. I can't wait.


It was a long drive from the airport, but I could wait. After all I have waited for this chance for ten years now. I watched out my window as the blue bus rolled slowly on. As jumpy as my nerves already were the young girl next to me no more that thirteen of fourteen years old would not shut up. She just kept running her mouth about nothing and everything. I tried to droned her out with thought of 'Palio delle contrade' It took place twice a year in Siena, once on July 2 and again on august 16 ten days from now. It is this amazing bare back horse race.

I was lost in thought when the girl squealed again and shook my are. "Look, look!" she yelled as she shook my arm pointing.

"WOW" was all I could say, surely no louder than a whisper. I had been told that Italy was amazing and like magic but I still hated the place; but still never in my wildest - Ok maybe my wildest- dreams did I amange this...this beauty. There were people driving and walking in the small streets but I couldn't see them all I could make out was moving colors. And it was only august tenth!

As the bus rolled to a stop and people started to get their bags and unloaded I stayed seated, waiting. Trying to make this dream and nightmare seem more... real.

After all but an old couple had left I got up and found my bags. A black rolling suit case and an orange old book bag I’ve had since high school. They were the only bags left on the bus. As the older couple made their way down the alike way I walked slowly behind them. Lost in thought, of the past. Of a time when nothing really mattered, nothing at all.

So many people are walking, wares a taxi when ya need one? I sighed and started off an older road leading away from the magical town. Best find that hotel. "Ok, I know it's not in, in town, but where is it?" I said quietly to myself. After walking for almost an hour and finding nothing I gave up, and sat on the side of the road. This is hopeless. I haven't seen a car pass at all. The only thing out here is trees, grass, grass, trees, truck, plants, trees.....Wait what?!

I jumped up and waved my hands wildly in the air yelling "Stop! Wait over here!" To get the persons atticon. It worked the old beat-up pickup truck slowed over and stopped by me. "Hop in" yelled a voice over a metal band I’d never herd before. I through my bags in the back of the truck and climbed up in front. "Thanks, I’m Pandora."

"Hey no prob, They call me Tripp" he said as he started the truck back up. He had a Mohawk, the Mohawk part was purple and the sides of his head were a deep red. He had wide ice blue eyes and his ears priced. He also had four long scars down his chest. Seeing them made my head throb, reminding me of something in my past. He didn't seem to be much older than 17. "Where ya headed?" He asked interrupting my train of thought, cutting me off from my memories.

"To, Garden hotel." I answered looking at his icy eyes as he drove.

"Garden hotel him? My grandma stayed there said it's a nice place." said then his eyes grew wide and he turned the steering wheel off the road and into the grass muttering "Shoot" under his breath. Then a little louder "Feel like a short trip?" He smiled over at me with his bright white teeth. My heart felt like it was about to burst and my hands held onto the seats as we road in the bumpy grass. Even with the seat belt on it felt like I was sitting on a jack hammer.

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