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Submitted: March 04, 2014

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Submitted: March 04, 2014



In a world full of creartures of the night and humans, there was a couple of young teens who wished they could be together but couldn't because the girl a princess and the boy a guardian of the two worlds.

before every battle the boy would spend the day with the princess makeing her smile and happy. underneath all the smiles and laughs he knew that the battle to come would possibly be his last, but it was worth it for the princess he loved so much.

 After every battle he would go striaght to the princess to show that he was still alive, the princess would stick by his side until his injuries were fully healed. To the eyes of the kingdom, they were still just children, but the boy slowly started to worry that the princess would eventually lose interest.

Finally one day after a horrific battle, the boy had not shown up and the maybe he had died. she asked around but no one had seen him. That night she cried till she fell asleep.

In the morning when she woke she was suprised to see that the boy was sitting on the floor just humming to himself waiting for her to wake up. He turned and saw her staring at him as if he was a ghost. Before she say anything the boy said "I would have gotten here yesterday but i had to get something for you"

The princess unsure of what was happening, sat there in disbelief. The boy continued, "You know i love you, and you're the only thing i look forward to when im out there. well." he got on one knee a pulled out the most beautiful ring on the west side of the  atlantic ocean. "will you marry me?" the princess broke down into tears of joy screaming "yes! yes! yes! yes! a million times yes!!" she jumped on him and hugged him. 

the boy still in pain from all his fresh wounds, winced at the inital pain but forced the rest of his strength to hug the princess back. whispering in her ear "i love you" before paasing out. he woke a few days later to find that the princess hadn't left his side once since he returned. A week after they got married and they lived together in happiness for the rest of their lives. 

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