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Written today at work, hope ys like it, about him...

Submitted: May 28, 2007

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Submitted: May 28, 2007




Sitting here, alone and bored,

Only the buzzing of the neon signs

hanging from the ceiling,

the constant whirring of the fan,

and the cursed radio blaring music,

keep from going completely insane,

(Now notice I said "completely" insane)

I know I am already somewhat insane,

I have to be,

For still being in love with you,

Even when I am well aware,

that you and I will never be,

The black cat sitting in his box,

Washing himself is the only company I keep,

The customers who browse the glass showcases,

full of treasures and trophies,

and I have an unspoken arrangement,

I don’t exist, until they need something,

So, I sit in my own world,

Stuck in the shadows,

I dream of the man of my dreams,

the star of my fantasies,

the unknowing owner of my heart,

my dark haired,

dark eyed prince,

to come and rescue me,

from the mindless monotony of it all,

More than just a crush,

Only a lovesick girl to you,

A blushing virgin,

(Yeah, I said it!)

Running out of time,

For, you’ll be gone soon,

(August first, to be exact,)

In Oklahoma,

You will always be,

the unattainable senior,


An actor, master of illusions,

I want so bad to tell you,

To ask you if there’s a chance...

But, I fear too much my heart being broken

by you


Who knows?

But, just maybe after you read this,

I won’t have to tell you,

You’ll know, at last,

I can stop hiding,

I finally admit it,

My feelings for you,

So much more than a crush!!!!!

(Demonically Yours,

I remain,

And always will be...)

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