Dreams and Desires...

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Another poem about the guy I like....

Submitted: March 06, 2007

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Submitted: March 06, 2007




I am helpless to resist them,

Though they are full of lies,

 I linger in my fantasy,

And shy away from the harsh light of reality,


Morning, I both dread and welcome it,

 For, I see you then,

And the dreaming ends,

I am pulled back into knowing that you aren’t really mine,


There are small reminders,

Every where, reminding me of why I can’t have you,

And, why I want you,

 This burning desire courses through my blood,


Until it scorches my very soul,

The midnight of your hair,

The curve of your lips,

The sound of your voice,


Leaves me completely breathless,

I won’t have you today,

So, tonight, I will be with you,

In dreams, I am yours,


I want you in real life,

Not just in


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