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Another one I wrote about the guy...

Submitted: March 06, 2007

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Submitted: March 06, 2007



EndlessIt has been two miserable years, I struggle with this torment,My heart is locked inside a crystal box, And only he holds the key to it,I watch him from afar, So scared to tell him,That I will always admire and adore,All that he has become,In my eyes, he has no flaws,These shy brown eyes that stare into his dark brown eyes,And tell nothing of the way I feel inside,I am in a brutal war with my emotions,I have told him how I feel, To an extent, He will never know,That I am in love with him,This constant turmoil inside of me is Endless,I can’t sleep for fear of not dreaming about him,For a glorious night, he is mine, And I am his,Yet, when I wake, I am forced back into the harsh light of reality,In a world, where he is barely aware of my existence,I pass through the time, Praying for the day he will look my way,But, knowing deep in my heart, He never will,I am all alone,And hopelessly, desperately, miserably, faithfully,In love with him,I yearn for the brush of his lips on my lips,The sweet yearnings for his kisses,Have turned into a raging fire,That burns through my very soul,Until I am consumed by my desire for him,So, I wait, Longing for everything that we could be,And never will be,This is my dilemma, I am haunted by visions of him,So, here I stay, constant, Always by his side,This nightmare is,Endless 


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