"In his gaze"

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I'm trying this after reading some of Hopelessly Devoted's short stories, about him, of course!!!!!!! Enjoy!

Submitted: March 17, 2007

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Submitted: March 17, 2007



I am all alone, standing in a hot, dry desert. Even the cacti find it hard to live here! I walk, as the vultures circle me, searching for a village, a town, anything, that could save me from dying a dry death. I stand out on the highest cliff, in the hottest desert, praying for rain, and contemplating how much pain I would be in, if I just let myself fall... No! I gasp, the heat is already getting to me! I turn around when I hear someone calling my name. It's him! My heart rejoices, but my mind panics, telling me it is just another mirage. He is standing, leaning against a tall, dead tree, and looking at me. He smiles and beckons me to him. My long white skirt swirls around my barefeet as I run to him, throwing myself into his arms, I smile as we kiss. Suddenly, just as we are kissing, it begins to rain. The rain is cool relief on two hot bodies. We laugh and play in the rain. Until we hear the rumbles of thunder and see the flashes of lightning splitting up the sky. I begin to turn around, looking for a cave to hide out in, when he grabs my arm. "Stay" He asks me. I nodd as I stand there by his side. "Always," I answer back, laughing as we kiss in the storm that is happening all around us. We walk away from the cliffs and farther than I've ever been before. We dance in the rain, and run and play. I run, because he is playfully chasing me, I stop when I see that my chaotic desert has always eventually ran into a beautiful ocean, as blue as saphires in the morning sky. Catching me, he lifts me up and tosses me into the sea, I laugh as he joins me, not even bothering to take off his shirt. Holding hands, and embracing, we make so many memories in the sea. His dark brown eyes stare into my light brown eyes and, I am complete. In his gaze, I am a goddess! He kisses me again, and I am complete, no longer just a shadow, I am real. He rises over me, I gasp. "Be with me?" He asks, I nodd. "Always," Hands exploring, lips touching, I gasp. I am finally with him, after having waited so long. And then I wake up!

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