Need Of The Heart And Soul

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My Lady, Let us not ignore the Need of the Heart and Soul which burns within us.

Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012





My Lady come to me 

and ease the anguish within my soul

to fill me with the desire of what it longs for

just to feel that touch of such passion

which only you can bring forth to me 

and awaken such affections within my heart.

Oh my Lady

it is you that this soul....this heart does long for

to free the pleasures that are locked within it. 


Open yourself to me 

and for tonight let us share the pleasures of our desires

absorb us within this moment 

letting all our problems melt away

and the world outside no longer matter.

Just the feel of your sultry skin against mine

kisses so intense and fiery

fingers tracing the frame 

of each others body

lost within the sensations we give each other.


Oh my Lady

come to me and share your passion with me

let us make love right now 

in the silence of this room

to ease the craving of our souls

and give to each other something special

which is a normal human need 

when that special person does come around. 

For it is a normal human need......

and a need of the heart and soul


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