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I wrote this one at like 5:47 p.m. tonight. I hope you like it, another one about him.

Submitted: March 17, 2007

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Submitted: March 17, 2007




I met you when my heart was whole,

and still beating,

I fell for you,

and it grew two sizes bigger,

But, I never told you how I felt,

I mean, you knew that I liked you,

You just never knew I was in love with you,

I still am,

Just now I love you,

With all the tiny pieces of my broken heart,

You broke my heart,

And you have no idea,

It happened on the late bus,

One sunny, beautiful, afternoon,

Sweet bliss, after a bad day,

You  and I were talking and laughing,

 the way all friends do,

"Friends" you have no idea how much that word cuts me like a knife,

When, you told me that you might be in love with her,

the girl you weren't "technically dating,"

but were seeing,

Her name sent shivers running up and down my spine,

But you didn't know,

A man in love,

Talking about the lucky one who captured his heart,

Who never noticed,

The woman in love with him,

Sitting right next to him,

My heart shattered right then and there,

I could only nodd and offer a weak smile,

You smiled at me, and patted my leg,

Playfully, you whispered in my ear,

"Don't worry, you're young, but someday you'll fall in love with someone too!"

You said just before you stepped off the bus,

I waved at you,

and waited,

As the tears fell,

I whispered

"I have."


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