"She Dreams"

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A young woman is on a hill, and writing poetry, when she dreams about the man she is in love with... Me, describing him....

Submitted: March 17, 2007

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Submitted: March 17, 2007



She Dreams

She is sitting there on a soft, grassy hill, far away from the stress and worries of her everyday life.  She comes up here to think, it is her quiet place, her happy place, her one true paradise. When she rejoins the world, she will be just another girl, one voice being drowned out by millions, but up here, she is a goddess, looking down on the people who worship her, a queen staring down at her lowly subjects, a wood nymph frolicing and playing with the wind in her hair. Instead of just a young woman letting her imagination take over again. Lying there, on that cool, soft grass, she lets her mind wander to him... He is suddenly there, on the hill with her.  She keeps her eyes closed, for she knows it is just a dream, and if she opens her eyes, it will break the spell. He is there, he leans in close, and whispers to her. His dark brown eyes stare into her light brown ones, and hold a very special fire in them.  A very mischevious glint, one she knows very well... They kiss passionately, her hands running through his black as midnight collar length hair. She sighs as she lets the cool breeze run over her.  She lets the fantasy continue... He is there, embracing her. Making memories with her, on her hill. They are entwined in passion's embrace, and she shivers... "Have you been here all day?" She looks up, nodds. "Yes, I come here to think." She answers her friend. "Well, come down from there! There's work to be done!" He says. Reluctantly. she climbs down, giving one longing glance to the hill,  and her image of him. Shaking her head, slowly she rejoins  the living. There's always next time, she thinks, as slowly her fantasy dissolves.

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