"Should I?"

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I want to tell him... I really do... Before he leaves for the Summer. He graduates in June. But... I still have no idea...

Submitted: April 17, 2007

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Submitted: April 17, 2007



Should I?

My head is swimming,

Threats of final grades and exams ring in my ears,

Along with everyone's excitement to be leaving for the Summer,

And, the nagging, never ceasing reminder

That he will be gone in the Summer,

August First, to be exact,

He will be going far away from good ol' Currituck County,

And, possibly out of my life forever,


And, he still does not know that I am in love with him,

I like him, that he knows,

But he's completely oblivious to the fact,

 That my every waking moment, he is always in my head,

And, at night, he is there in my dreams,

But, when I am around him,

My head is full of doubt,

Too much drama!


I had to fall for an actor,

A magician of emotions,

Master of illusion,

Devil of the stage,

Angel in my heart,

Terrific poker player,

Never able to read his face,

Until he wants you to see,

What he's hiding,


I can't bluff if my life depended on it,

My face as easy to read as a book,

I have many tells,

And, I never speak,

I turn my head,

And he knows what I mean,

But, I remain silent,

Suffering each time he calls my name,

His hand brushes mine,

His fingers run through my hair,

In the hallway,

On my way to class,

He'll pass right by,

And my mind is a quivering, shivering mass,

Thoughts melt away, and all I see is him,


But, should I tell him,

and run the risk of heart break,

If he doesn't,

Or, do I suffer in silence,

I'm tired of miserable silence,

But, do I speak?


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