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Another one 'bout the guy, you do the math...

Submitted: March 06, 2007

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Submitted: March 06, 2007



UnbreakableIf I wasn’t so scared, Of what would happen,I would just go out and tell you the truth,Everyone says I have a crush on you,But you don’t know the half of it,You don’t know that I am in love with you,I have been for two years,And probably always will be, You know I like you,You also know that I am shy around you,I used to think I had the perfect heart,Solid, Steadfast, Unbreakable,That was until the moment I met you,I was going out with other guys,But all I could think about was you,Sure, some of them hurt me,Or tried to,But never as much as you did,Last year, Holding hands with her in the hallway,The homecoming dance,Dancing with her, but watching me,And, recently hearing you talk about someone else,How you really like them,And not me,And, now we are both single,And flirting constantly,But, I wonder, Is your heart as unbreakable as you claim it to be?
Are you just as shy as me?Or, can you really not feel?Am I captivated by a man of stone?

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