"Why Not?"

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He asked me why, and I asked him why not?

Submitted: July 24, 2007

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Submitted: July 24, 2007



 Why Not?

There we go again,

Hiding once more behind  our keyboards and monitors,

We speak to each other, from the privacy of our own homes,

We are up to our usual cyber flirting,

When you tell me that I am too trusting of people,

Especially men,

I ask you, why that is,

And you reply,

Because you never really knew me but you liked me so strongly,

then you asked me why I like you so much,

I tried to explain to you the reason,

But the words couldn't be spoken, or typed,

You've read my mind,

At least a hundred times,

Tell me,

Didn't you get the answers,

I'm still shocked that you don't know why,

Your kind heart, your pure soul,

Your oblivious goodness,

But, you shouldn't be asking me why I like you,

I should be asking you why don't you like me,

I would ask, but I fear there is no answer,

That you would figure out that you do,

And, we would both be too late,

You asked why, I never asked why not?

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