for the one that took my heart and will always have it i love u babe forever

each and everyday i see your smiling face in the sun above me 

each and everynight i see you in the moon 

you lighten my way in the darkest of times you always have 

forevery thing you've done for me i wish i could give the same back to you. 

everytime i close my eyes i see your face 

everytime my heart beats it beats for you and you alone 

only you give me life and i hope u don't take it away

you give me each and everyday to live on the confident to survive 

nothing will ever change that I know you are sad and alone without me there im the same here without you  

everything i do for you and you alone 

no one else matters to me but you and thats all that matters to me id you 

and that is all that will ever matter 

i promise you that i will find you a way to me so i can hold u close and never let you go 

i wish i could change your thoughts to get rid of what happened to you and have you think of me 

i wanna hold you babe forever and never let anyone hurt you. 

I love you Forever and Always will  I promise you that 

Submitted: October 06, 2011

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thanks mel

Tue, October 11th, 2011 12:15pm

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