The Demon That Lurks

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A demon lurks within the darkened forest, out to kill, for nothing can stop this monstrous black beast. Packs slaughtered as bodies are thrown like rag dolls. This demon is out for revenge and will stop at nothing till it's satisfied.

Submitted: April 16, 2012

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Submitted: April 16, 2012




Shadows were hushed, the night dwindling upon the end of sunset. The moon draped high in the midnight firmament, looking down upon the murky vale - full and bright. Foliage rustled tenderly, as tributaries streamed soundlessly, twinkling in the moonshine as if it was a gemstone cavern. An obscure distortion wandered the timberland, large and lethal, howling and thriving across the open savannahs. Its slit rubicund judgments cowered the airs of many; a figure of six feet tall, and a tail with enough supremacy to destroy despicable ambiances. Fangs overextended down to the bottom of its mandible, sharp and hefty like a feisty dragons. Acidic toxins drizzled from the fragments in its teeth, perishing the grounds bequeathed beneath its bulky form. A passion that is dim, ghastly, malevolent- besmirched of atrocious reminiscences that dare not go away. Blemishes glow lustrously upon this brute’s physique. What is it? A demon, going by the name of Atreiyu.

Haze inundated the valley in the early dawn condensation, the sun shining down upon the land with exquisiteness. Clouds passed by in a gentle coursed fashion. A dark philanderer emerged from the fog, with murderous intentions that are satirised in its judgments. Stopping through mid-mist, the wolf lifts its cranium and hollers a resonating roar, travelling for miles. Dropping gradually, a sneer appears on its complexion. Walking forward, it stands in the middle of an arboreal forestry, foliage surrounding a bewildered area of the field that it fortified. Everything was hushed.

The wolf looks around in pursuit for a response to its cry. Its auricles perked on high alert, hearing the reverberations of a receptive wail, coming closer towards where this colossal fiend stood. The sound of paws drumming the Earth becomes stronger, guiding waves of pulsations through the rim of its ears. A wicked grin played maliciously on its large orifice, acid seeping from the curve of its fangs. The woodland was dim, but the sounds of countless others approach closer. It was then did vulgar growls reverberate towards the opening in the vale where this bizarre philanderer stood. In that moment of attainment, a pack of wolves jump from the glaze covered shrubs. Scowling and barking their fangs at the wolf, one came onward, analysing the presumptuous scoundrel; it became clear that this hound was the Alpha.

"Who are you?!" He snorted out austerely.

 The intruder just laughed, standing up to its six foot figure.

"I said… Who are you?! And what is your business here?!"

The Alpha roared yet again, for he grew fatigued of this Lothario's inaudible behaviour and lunged presumptuously. The wolf stepped sideways, and immobilized the trailblazer with one paw on the back of his neckline. A smirk twisted upon the fiend’s orifice, for it gurgled a snap in hunger. He wailed poorly, blood dribbling beneath the wolf's talons.

"I am Atreiyu; my business here.. Is to rid of you and your pack..."

Atreiyu alleged the preceding part in his auricles. He snarled and snapped at her paw, receiving a wince with an unintentional let go. The Alpha stood up tall, but still no match for the demonic fiend’s height.

"Ruuqo, stop. There is no way we can pick a fight with this… Thing."

A wolf strut up; Atreiyu matted, and shot a killer glare to the one whom spoke those disputes.

Ruuqo dipped and crooked to face her, "Leave my territory, or suffer the consequences. I don't care if you’re stronger than I, but you are clearly outnumbered. Stand down."

It was said with the utmost authority, but in response to his warning, the mutt chortled.

"How bout’ you take those words, and shove them up your furry ass."

The pack that encircled her roared profoundly, "Arg... Kill her!"

He bellowed and lunged for the oesophagus. Atreiyu trod sideways for a second time, and seized his neck with her large fangs, sinking them deep into his gorge where the air would taunt to be bowdlerized. He squealed and thrashed beneath her grasp, for she didn't dither with the intents to eradicate. With a single twist in movement, the male stopped stirring, permitting a snap to be ricocheted among them all.

Atreiyu plunged the lifeless frame of Ruuqo. The entire pack gulped, now treading closer, glaring murderously at the obscure wolf who slaughtered their Alpha.

"You will pay for what you have done!"

An auburn wolf knotted out. All the wolves sprung for the demon, as she overpoweringly yapped in motion to clutch one, flouting its collar promptly. Other's jumped on her vertebral, shredding dermis, biting eagerly. This oversized Divinity matted and gyrated around, tossing them off into other members and neighbouring foliage. Blood blemished the luscious lime topography; crimson liquid trickled off the culminations of her fleece, soaking and recolouring her rather obscure coat. She thundered a resonant scowl, compelling them to cover their ears.

Atreiyu took the opportunity to make a run for it. She sprinted into the woodland, full speed, growling deep within. The rigorous sound of unambiguous noises followed close behind, for they continued to rise and fall in speed. Running wilder, she soared over a pillar and towards a raggedy crevasse. The Deity saw a drop between the two fissured cliffs; a sense of instinctiveness kicked in, and the adrenaline rush made it oh so enthusiastic. It was then did the wolf lunge off her posterior legs, gliding across the firmament with little to no fear – it was landed perfectly. The pack lithered to a halt, wheezing greatly, for they cussed in conquest.

"We will avenge our Alpha’s death… That wolf will pay for what she has done!”

A sable grey wolf said with annoyance, walking back into the woodlands.

This immense Divinity simpered and stopped, standing high with a slanted cranium. It howled a lethal cry, to the world that she will soon hold.

 "I will return..."

Just like that, she was gone. Nothing but a shadowy distortion in the eyes of many; one that will return and gain its retribution, to lurk and eradicate them all - one by one.

This was truly, The Demon That Lurks.

© Copyright 2020 DemonWolfAtreiyu. All rights reserved.

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