The Demon That Lurks Part 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A demon lurks within the darkened forest, out to kill, for nothing can stop this monstrous black beast. Packs slaughtered as bodies are thrown like rag dolls. This demon is out for revenge and will stop at nothing till it's satisfied.


Atreiyu smirked and snapped forward, causing the Alpha to flinch back, her wicked smile growing wider.

Perfect. This is the exact reaction I was hoping for… An Alpha who is scared of a demon, meaning.. He is an easy kill. She thought to herself, but was caught off guard when she realised that her body had been flipped upside down.

The Alpha snarled and started ripping with his claws, blood and fur flying everywhere. Atreiyu snarled, feeling her broken paw twist in many places, the pain emencing quickly.

“You fool!” His voice boomed, the pack snarling and howling in satisfaction for his so far winning spree.

But what happened next had them all shocked, with the look of fear and rage in their eyes… Atreiyu had grabbed his throat in a matter of seconds, twisting his neck around and then a snap broke loose, echoing across the valley. She twisted it further, not letting go, showing that she will not give in, not until her dominance was clear. The now dead Alpha’s throat was suddenly ripped from the insides out, blood and flesh flying to the ground, staining the grassy terrain.

“Fool I may be.. But no one can outsmart a demon’s instinctive side.” She replied, knowing it was unheard.

The pack stuttered back, all terrified, speechless, the Alpha female in tears. “You monster!” She roared and lunged forward, but was trapped within the deadly canines of the black demon. Atreiyu.

Members of her pack ran for dear life, not wanting to end up like them, “L-Let me g-go..!!!” She managed to cough out, gasping for air as her windpipe was beginning to cut off.

“You don’t deserve life, and neither did your pathetic mate! He chose to fight and fall to his death! Now, you will suffer the same fate Prepare yourself, wolf of a soon to be dead pack.” Atreiyu curdled out through clenched teeth, her grip tightening.

“Please… No…” But once again, without hesitation, Atreiyu ended yet another innocent life. She dropped the carcass, seeing her progress and what lies ahead.

“Run, run my little friends.. Because soon, you’ll end up like them..” She released a deep chuckle, which soon transformed into a demonic howl, rumbling over the valley.

The pack ran further, deeper into the woods, “How much longer do we have to keep this up?” One whined, panting heavily as it started to slow down.

A large brown wolf with golden tipped fur growled, “Stop complaining and keep moving, we will find a safe place to rest soon enough.” He said firmly.

The smaller wolf flinched but obeyed, knowing that since their Alpha’s were gone, the lead Beta would take place. Hours among hours passed, until they all came to a halt.

“We will rest here for the night. Then we will move out first thing in the morning.” Some wolves sighed in relief and laid down inside a large hollow tree, falling asleep almost instantly. The Beta snorted and made sure everyone was here, shortly after seeing the smaller wolf arrive, he growled.

“Is something wrong?” The Beta just glared, stepping closer, but was cut off by a she wolf with grey and white fur. Eyes like emeralds, “Now, now boys, no need to fight.” She said in a calming, sweet tone.

“Rekiri, you know better than to pick a fight with the lower ranked wolves.” Rekiri also known as the Beta, lowered his head and ears, walking off with a huff.

“Kyre, you also know better than to get on his bas side.” He nodded, earning a soothing nuzzle, “Just because I’m your big sister, doesn’t mean I am always going to be there for you, alright? So stop causing trouble.” She said the last part with a laugh.

Kyre smiled and laid down beside his sister, “Hey, Ray?” His sister lifted her head, “Yeah?” He licked her muzzle. “Thanks for earlier.” Ray smiled, “Anytime, just remember to keep the peace, after all, you are the Omega.” She ruffled his white spotted bangs as both wolves finally fell into a deep sleep of exhaustion.

As the night went on, fully alerted Scouts and Warriors watched over the pack, when one spotted something moving in the distance, “Psst, Cranos.” A large male wolf with light tan fur and black striped strided over, “What’s up?” He pointed to the valley below, where a dead wood forest lied in their path.

“I saw something moving, it was large and black.. Do you think it could be-“ He was cut off when a massive paw came lunging from behind, lifting the male off the ground and snapping his now lifeless body in half.

“Guess who…” Two blood red eyes glowed ever so brightly as the large figure stepped into the moonlight, revealing the one and only.. Atreiyu.

“Miss me?” Her voice curdled as everything suddenly went black, screams of terror bellowing as blood splattered everywhere.

Pleading eyes looked up to this mighty demon, begging for life, “Please… No…” They trembled in fear, but did that stop her? No.

Souls were ripped from their bodies as it haunted Atreiyu’s mind as more and more blood pooled the ground. Rekiri was now backed up against a rock wall, frightened, but showed no fear, “Get back you fowl beast!” He snickered out harshly, watching her deathly red eyes glow murderously.

He lashed out and started ripping into her neck, but all he received in return was cackling laughs. Rekiri’s eyes widened as he was thrown into a wall, his back snapping instantly. A loud whine escaped his lips as his body slid down, landing roughly against the rocky terrain. Atreiyu smirked and stepped forward, claws shining under the moonlight, Rekiri’s eyes showing full fear and terror.

“No!-“ But his scream was cut off when his throat was ripped from the insides out. Slaughtered quicker than he could call for help.

All the remains of the pack laid there, the smell of blood lingering in the demon’s nose. Thinking all was done, she turned around to leave, when the sound of rustling leaves cracked in the distance. Atreiyu smirked, knowing only few might have escaped, but soon would be within her grasp and dead like the rest of them. Ray and Kyre ran faster, hoping and praying they would be found, “Keep moving!” She encouraged her brother, nudging and pushing him to go faster.

“Ray.. I-I can’t breathe! I’m too scared..!!” He managed to stutter out through gasps of air.

Both wolves stopped, “Can’t we go back? There… There might be survivors sis!” Ray’s eyes fumed with rage, sadness and worry.

“No! Don’t you see?! We are the only survivors! The pack has ALL been slaughtered… And… And you know it! So don’t say there might be more of our pack still alive, when there isn’t.” Kyre whined, tears falling, his sister sighing and pulling him into a hug.

“I’m sorry… It’s just that I’m so worried, I don’t want to lose you.” There moment had been shattered when a loud howl boomed across the land, both brother and sister lifting their heads up in fear.

“Oh no… Kyre, listen to me. Hide and don’t come out until I say so, alright?” Ray pushed him inside a small hole through broken tree roots, “But Ray-“ “No buts! Stay low and keep quiet, I’ll fight for you.. I promise everything is going to be ok… I-I love you little bro.” Tears fell upon her face, sending him that smile, the one that made him feel proud inside.

But little did he know that this would be the last time he would see his sister, who now stood outside, awaiting the arrival of their enemy. A blood curdling roar echoed as two red eyes peered through the thick mist, a black figure lurking forward.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Her voice snickered, Ray snarling in return, “Why are you doing this?! Why are you slaughtering all these innocent wolves, packs, families! Without explanation?!” Atreiyu jerked back, smirking wickedly, knowing the answer to that won’t be what she wants to hear.

“You want a reason…” Ray nodded, standing in a defensive pose, “Revenge.” Her eyes widened, legs beginning to tremble, her body shaking, “R-Revenge..?” Atreiyu nodded and inched closer.

“And your next.” Ray stumbled backwards, tripping over her own paws, terrified, scared, “Why?! Why me?! No! Please!” She looked to her right and stared into the eyes of her brother for the last time, tears falling, I will always be with you.. I’m sorry… Goodbye… Ray said to Kyre as his eyes widened.

Atreiyu now hovered about Ray, smirking ever so widely, “NO!” Ray’s voice screeched, echoing as everything became a blur.

Submitted: April 17, 2012

© Copyright 2022 DemonWolfAtreiyu. All rights reserved.

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