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Got this idea after listening to "Extraction" by RoosterTeeth.

Submitted: August 22, 2011

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Submitted: August 22, 2011



Alert!!! Raider spotted in the compound!!! Defend this place at all costs!!!

Raiders are coming!

A battle is near!

Struggle demanding...

That none shed a tear!

Battle unfolds...

A child is tought.

Account for your actions...

Or receive what you wrought!

To us it is life...

To them it's a test...

To some it's a thrill.

For you it's unrest.

War!!! It's everything!

Make them fight, make them scream!!!

We will take a bow, 

for the final fight is starting now!

Warlords, bandits, militia men.

Massing, growing, their words are true.

We don't fight for propaganda.

Military might versus me and you!!!

Struggle, but live!

Last Destination for all of us!

We could just talk about it...

Or escape from death and the darkening rust!



morte ai nostri nemici (death to our enemies)

morte ai nostri nemici (death to our enemies)

la tua guerra è persa (your war is lost)

non puoi distruggere (you can not destroy us)

come la folgore dal cielo (like lightning from heaven)

entra la guerriera (enter the warrior)

sacrificare (sacrifice)

lotta è finita? (the fight is over)

guerriero è ferito (warrior is wounded)


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