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This should give everyone a pretty good idea of the storyline outside of Enryts memories.

Submitted: June 07, 2011

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Submitted: June 07, 2011



Asoria- The main superpower of the world. Largest military, run by an elected group of officials known as the Asorain Counsil. Imperialsts, hoping to gain full worldwide control. Run by males only. Wear blue outfits to mark themselves as Asorians.

Friea- Asoria's ally, and "Sister" power. Run by a female counsil in contrast with Asoria, and bolsters a slightly smaller military. Wear white to mark themselves as Frieans.

Korta- Independant nation. 3rd strongest military power. Few outsiders are welcomed into Kortan territory. Growing to be 10 ft tall, they wear bulky, green outfits.

Praetor- A small group of well armed traders. Traveling through the worlds landscape, they have a love and knack for bartering. Wear distinctive black trench coats.

Physllic- Long time enemy of Asoria. These terrorist guerillas have been recruiting and building multiple bases of operations, and their power is steadily growing. They worship a powerful demon entitled "Har'esh Garaam." When not incognito, they wear red cloaks.

Arms and Fuelers Inc.- A large business that openly sells fuel and weapons to anyone with the cash. They inlist mercenaries to protect their headquarters. The workers andmercs wear brown covers.

Kikula- A small village of hybrid feline-humans. Considered by other nations to be rather talkitive.

Lyca- Home of the Werewolves, whom have been at war with the Vampires for many centuries.

Vampora- The opposing enemy of the Werewolves

Darklands- Malevolent soul-eaters are rumored to exist here. It is unknown as to who or what created them.

Baaltuk- Anarchic, drug addicted Raiders with a bad sense of humor.

S.D.I.S- Socialist Dictatorship of Independant Systems.

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