Here Comes The Pain!

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Spontaneous Writing to commemorate my return!

Submitted: March 03, 2012

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Submitted: March 03, 2012



Pain in your brain, like a hurricane! Cry and hesitate! You're so insane! I can't stand a little bitch like you. Here Comes The Pain! So sincere and so true...

Faggot! Failure! Return to sender! To you I give back all the hateful splenders. Rage and Agony; Stay true to your shit! No love and no lie. You're full of it!

Like a belligerent nation; You lost control. Can't seem to end this mind-shredding toll. You got what you fucking deserved, bitch. Quit acting like I'm being unfair!

Chaos! Torture! We love it! We hate it! We despise it! We need it! Consuming everything! We act strong! We're so weak! So inert and so bleak! Can't see the consequences of our actions Just like the ones before; WE WAGE WAR! You and me and no other fucks! Can't stop fighting; can't get enough. I was a chicken-shit, but now I'm taking shape. 

And every other force is gonna feel the pain.

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