Love is a Biohazard

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Another song.

Submitted: April 11, 2011

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Submitted: April 11, 2011



Day's and Day's pass by again,

"Hello," I say, "Hello my friend."

Yet still you ignore, you still offend,

Sometimes I wonder if it's the end.

I've always felt so much love for you.

But now, I feel so black and blue.

Ya, it's hard to believe what you say is true.

Now what... do... I ... do...

Now! (What should I do?)

The things you say are amiss...

Hey! (I question your love!)

What is this?!!!

A lie a day... (Oh, no!)

Biohazardous waste... (Hell no!)

Our love's just a play... (Fuck no!)

Biohazardous love today!

I walk in the door, see you cheating on me.

My hand shaking hard, my heart skips a beat.

After all this time, I can clearly see.

The parasite is you! The host has been me!

Mother say's I'm a masterpeice, young and rich.

You fuck other other guy's, you call me a bitch.

Now my love's lost can never be stitched.

My head is a hole, my heart is a ditch...

... This Love is a Biohazard...

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