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Yet another song.

Submitted: May 04, 2011

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Submitted: May 04, 2011



News Flash! I'm gonna kick your ass!

Don't you try and run! Face the Light!

News Flash! Here comes the cavalry!

Mono e mono, let's Fight, Fight, Fight!

Human paralysis from media games!

Children cower from corperate gains!

Governing fairy tales, all uncooth,

throw in some monarchs, we'll never be soothed!

News Flash! Robotic Albert Einsteins!

Can metaphorical shrapnel be the only one?

News Flash! If your system had a face...

I would kick it in the balls! Just for fun!

APC's lined near and far...

political masks, don't know who you are...

A legion of entrenched stocks and shares...

Finding one decent motherfucker is awefully rare!

ooooh... wa-oh... wa-oh...

You only truly cared about your-

self... wa-oh... wa-oh...

Life for me is just an empty

shelf... wa-oh... wa-oh...

Feeling so hidden, so

caged... Hoo-rah! Hoo-rah!

Can't contain this Primal Rage!

News Flash! Hear me out.

News Flash! I need not to kill.

News Flash! Surrender Now.

News Flash! It's not a thrill.

News Flash! I'm not afraid.

News Flash! You cannot win.

News Flash! Your religious bullshit.

News Flash! It's you who sinned.

Now i'm here to make.



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