The failure of a nation...

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????? ???? ???????? ????????? ????? ? ???????????? ???, ?? ?????? ????? ???????? ??, ??? ? ??? ??? ??? ?????
(When our actions turn back to haunt us, will you be here to defend what we still have?)

Submitted: July 02, 2011

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Submitted: July 02, 2011



As the creatures rise from the ground, you cling closely on to your prized AK-74u, and what little ammunition remains in your emergancy pouch. Chambering the last few rounds, you witness the deranged, mutated children eating your still half-alive comrades. They begin to swarm the last bit of defenses as blood and flesh continue to pile on top of one another. Running to the escape hatch, you see Grokovic lying on the floor, Makorov in hand, crying out prayers for hope you know shall never arrive.

\"?????????? ?? ???, ??????! ?? ?? ????? ???????! (Snap out of it, soldier! We will not die crying!)\"

You turn around to face your attackers, but see that they have dissapeared. Cautiously, you look to where they could have gone, but the alleyways remain empty. All you see is the chaos of the previous battle. Lighting the last flare, you look back to Grokovic, but only see a mutilated mess, the the marks of his own blade in his gut.

Taking what you can from his body, you sense the presense of what appear to be reinforcements. A group of armed soldiers ropes down from a chopper up high. The commanding officer speaks to you:

\"??? ????? ?????????? ??? ????????? ??? ?????? (What happened here? Where is Echo squad?)\"

You shake your head, informing him of what happened...

You remember it so well. The explosion, the radiation, the mutation. What was once a whole battalion of troops has been overun by pre-human, genocidal monsters with a bloodlust.

Your thoughts are interrupted by the singing of five little girls. One of them smiles. Then speaks two words to you.

\"???????? ???. (Fooled you.)\"

The next few minutes are a haze as bullets, blood, and screams empty your mind of thought. The blast of a grenade drowns out the rest...



You awake within your bed, with your wife and children kneeling beside you. Your wife speaks:

\"? ??? ?????? ???. ??? ?? ??????? (You had a bad dream. What did you see?)\"

The answer comes to you easily. Shedding a tear, you give your response:

\"? ????? ???? ?????. (I saw the failure of a nation.)\"


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