" The Essence of My Life"

Book by: denada


A long journey, yet its only the begging, the empire, the fall of it.. a king bound to his love Mawiyah and the unlucky love of theirs.. they defeat the time in order to be together...even dead they would still be alive.. alive by the ring of their fate..

Chapter1 (v.1) - " The Essence of My Life"

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A long journey, yet its only the begging, the empire, the fall of it.. a king bound to his love Mawiyah and the unlucky love of theirs.. they defeat the time in order to be together...even dead they would still be alive.. alive by the ring of their fate..

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 26, 2013





Mawiyah -My soul and yours, melted inside the traces of the desert

The blaze of love,

the passions we have crossed over the fragments of all the oceans.

With the blindness of my eyes, I can still see you.

You are the light that awakes me in my dark nights.

You are the darkness of my compassion. 

The infinitive dream that brings the echo of my soul.

The song of my heart that never ends, that never roars.

A drop of tear that falls into the radicals of my happiness.

The illusion of my soul.

You and only you that I so much love, Antarah you have taken the land of my heart.

You and I, lost into the exhalation of our spirits to then become one, one until eternity.


Antarah – Queen of my soul and life.

Adoration and contempt in the same time, you are.

Love and detestation

Delight and desperation

Victory and defiance

Life and death

Light and darkness

Mine forever you are Mawiyah.


Mawiyah – In each corner of this kingdom

In the verges of the dessert is triumphing our love

And my triumph is you.

You that slowly swallow the tears of my sorrows to then pull me into pedestals.

You that I will forever be with, my love Antarah.


Antarah –Only death, the accursed death

The atrocious grief of death

A night without moon when the beasts scream for help

Only death might separate our souls even if they will eternally try be gathered.


(Lady Alhena)


Alhena –oh merciless odium feeling why do you come sitting next to me?

Hasn’t is been completed the centuries curse upon me?

Does my soul still have to be hollowed out?

Does my heart still have to carry this umbrage, these wounds that will never heal?

Inside of me I hold just abhorrence.

Inside of me it still exist the love I have for Antarah.

For the most grandiose, most handsome, most glorious of all, the Arabic emperor Antarah.

Oh! Deadly brittleness why don’t you take me with you?

Take away my inhalation and leave me into the darkness so that I can follow his light.

This disregardful love, this feeling that doesn’t fade away.

Why can’t I have his love falling over my existence?

Why can’t I see the nuances of my happiness?

Antarah, king of my heart that languishes, that shrivels while it screams in the ricochet of death.

Death, please take me in a whispers of your sympathy, somewhere away from the pain.

Make me happy with a mortal misery and leave me to be a phantom of your infernal world.

It is better to die, but not just yet, not without his love.


Alzurba – oh! Fair lady your words like a knife try to stab every lucidity part in the sky.

The deep water of the oceans can’t wash the grievous words and instead they drown your soul even more.

Your words divert the hopes into a deadly anxiety, into an infinitive desperation.

Fair lady, all-powerful and invincible, confess me what gnaws your heart so much.

Does this torment of yours can be cured?


Alhena-I put my suffering heart on the king’s throne.

And I see my soul into the hellish lap of the flames getting burned.

The odiousness aroma of jealousy sits next to me while I look at the queen.

Mawiyah, she is the essence of the king’s life but for me essence of death.

Death because the love I feel for him is hopeless.

The king has become the idol of my prayers.

He has engraved his love on the walls of my soul, on those hollow faces of my heart.

And in this pain, I can only keep the torch of failure because I will never have him.


Alzubra –Fair lady, you are talking nonsense for your lost victories underneath the labyrinth of your spirit.

You must find a way out using your power that surrenders your heart in front of this love.

Your power might give you glory, love, life, and every thing you wish for.


Alhena – No, my powers no.

I can’t use my powers, I just wish that the love will gnaw off the king’s heart and he will start to feel something for me.

I hope a new feeling will get born the same the sun gets born every day in here, the same the day gets born after a dark night.

From the night, he just spent in the clutches of Mawiyah.

But no, I can’t use my magic or my power.

I hope the king will love me one day.

Melting like the candles that will bright his soul forever.


Alzubra - Fair lady, why should you wait for all this eternity?

Why should you bear this wound that won’t ever heal?

My lady, day after day you are immolating as you see the eyes of the king.

His eyes are blinded for the love of Mawiyah.

And in every second you suffer, they enjoy the love of theirs.


Alhena -Enough, enough…

My heart can’t listen to your words they are ruthless.

My mind rages for every moment they spend in each other’s arms.

And I feel abandoned, damned, contemned, and emptied inside.

But I feel you justice well my good servant and friend.

My desperation can no longer be swallowed.

The sobbing of my spirit can’t stop.

No, my heart does not wont to marvel any longer.

I am tired of laving the steps where Antarah walks.

He must be mine.

(Queen’s servants; Alima and Nalkah)


Alima -Our lady, our queen the most graceful, the bravest, and the dearest of all.


Mawiyah –And the most loved of all.

My king, my absolute happiness please don’t ever leave me.

Stay by me so that I can relish the inexhaustible waves of love

Let me feel the infinitive bewitchment

Let me touch my ideals and let me climb those stairs of the gladness.

I doubt no more of my happiness because our love will never perish.

Antarah, dear king will always be with me, always.


Nalkah –Fair lady, in this faith of your love

In this inseparable love that your grace is living, I wish there will be bourgeon coming from this love.

An inheritor will make the king happy.


Mawiyah-An inheritor will make me so happy.

A child will be a new thrill of our love and just thinking of it a sudden shivering heart threats me.

I try to thro away the desperation while I keep the abduction of the passion that takes me away into the slavery of love.

A child and Antarah will make me spoil into the eternal happiness.

Our souls will no longer tremble under the shade of fear.

Our soul will gather to cluck glory and love.

They will join the shield of eternity.

Our souls will be one, Antarah and I only one…


Antarah –A hefty desert gives me the most beautiful images.

In it, I find a nation that loves me.

I have a throne that I honor with glory, but my real glory is Mawiyah.

She wears the veil of goodness and of infinitive glorious.

She is the blindness of every pain of mine left in forgiveness.

She is the oscillating tenderness that will never break.

My secretly escapement Mawiyah

The defense of my heart she is.

My haunted desire that breaths in me like an existed spirit.

She is an illusion coming true.

She is the wild tempest of the dessert that takes me in her haze.

A star that gifts me light, a moon that gives me life.

A scent of my soul she is, my thirsty desire into an ocean of life.

The revival of my body and the inseparable part of mine she has become.

Mawiyah, my love, we will forever be gathered until eternity comes along.


Alhena –I wont no more to listen  his words.

I curse you Mawiyah forever as you have his love.

He make verses for her, he is so blind.

I wish no longer to live this way.

Oh! Unconquerable abyss of death take me away as I no longer can stay without his love.

I no longer should live without Antarah.

But perhaps Alzura is right I can use my powers.

I can captivate the king by my powers.

The cunning magic of mine it continually whispers the demons words in my ears. They are furious, as I have forgotten them in my determination to be good.

But my agitated mind doesn’t live me alone.

I try not to listen, I try to escape my powers, but the demons stay next to me inviting me into their sinful life.

They invite me to become part of their faded star, their hellish life.

They remain eternally viciousness.

No, don’t drag me on your words.

They seem more like screams of the malevolence mediation.

But if I listen to them, I will be able to have king Antarah.

Woe is I.

I would do everything to stay in his arms, in the everlasting aerie of love.

In the untruthful lightless dawns, I wish to be with him.

There in his arms where I would worship away all the pain that gathers into the sky of my life.

There, where the dust of forgiveness erase the memories of Mawiyah so that his heart won’t keep her inside.

So his love must be mine, mine.


Mawiyah – You are a peaceful emperor of all the Arabic dessert.

A charming monarch in the most terrible wars.

Undefeated existence of your glory that holds me with him.

He holds me inside his soul gathering my life with his.

Antarah, a languishment and love of mine

An unsaid detestation of mine, you are.

You are the nearest sky of the kindness and from you it derives the essence of my life.


Antarah –My beautiful queen Mawiyah.

The felicities of mine, the essence of my life.

Can our love find any boundaries?

Mawiyah-I have always loved you, but now I start to love you all over from the beginning.


Antarah- Your words are like a dark suspension dropped into the faded peace of mine.

But as you talk, I can see the brightness of the moon in your eyes that reflects the rays of life.

You say you will love me from the beginning, so will I.


Mawiyah –I will make your majesty so happy now, and even happier as the months will pass by.

My prayers that were doting after the wind, trying to forget the desires of my happiness have been found.

My prayers have been heard and the wind of our love now brings only happiness. Now that I carry a child the inheritor of the throne inside of me.

Our child has already become part of me.


Antarah-Oh my queen, should I kiss the sky, or should I better liberate hundreds of slaves?

Should I catch the moon?

Should I give you the stars for this goodness?

Oh! What happiness, my body is palpitating and different emotions run through my heart.

Our love revives and gets redoubled by our inheritor.

My dear Mawiyah, the trumpets will sing until the sky will open from our joy, the angles will come to salivate those souls of sadness and our happiness will spread all over the dessert.

My dearest queen, you make so happy.



Alhena- The songs are rumbling all over the kingdom, the dancers try to entertain their king.

The music resounds from all the walls and a gladden shade has covered everything.

For a sudden, it seems like earthborn creatures part the same happiness that the heavenly ones do.

But that is just a moment, after that, everything will return to normality and all the joy will unexplainably stay in a dejection that will not end.

But before that happens, I can hear their laughter.

The torches stay lightened and the palace seems like an undefeatable gloominess that not even the demons can take away.

The Arabic peninsula has been blessed since the king Antarah has ruled.



Alzubra-Fair lady, tell me how do you feel now?

Do you hear the frantic notes of the songs?

Pieces of heaven falling into the Arabic land so they can enrage us.


Alhena –Forgive me Azubra dear, but I fear your words keep strange weights on them, what maddens are you talking about?


Alzubra-I fear if I talk, I will break your heart.

My words will be the moan of your love that will get slammed into the painful walls of your soul.

I fear if I talk, the abandonment will raise from its failure.

It will poison every silent fatality of yours.

Like a spectator of the love, it will remain your heart forever.


Alhena - What are you talking about?

Why should you apprehension for me, what could be so terrible in this prevail space?

This feast the king is holding at the palace seems to bring the ancient sounds of happiness in every horizon, to then return back in here to the blessed land of the Arabic peninsula.

But you are talking about sadness, pain, and deadly spirits from the thunders of a desperate sky with us.

I don’t understand why?


Alzubra –Fair lady, I wish that in your hopes could be found the truth and so it can always make you happy.

I also wish that anxiety of your sadness can forever die and if so, I could thank the celestial lives above us.

Unfortunate into the fainted light of the sun I can only see a dry ray that slowly evaporates into the air and then it dies.

But this rumor is worse then death itself.

Queen Mawiyah will give to the king an inheritor, a child…

Oh! Fair lady this will be terrible end of your love.

A horror that debarks all over this kingdom and their love will be eternal; immortal will be their bondage.

The connection of their souls will be stronger then ever.


Alhena –The queen is carrying a child?

An inheritor, an exile soul is going to come in life.

A creature is going to get born from the ancient places above us, God will bring another soul?

The illusions of my love will be forgotten into my memories.

An inheritor?

Oh no, I can see heaven and hell, an infernal love of mine to live in me forever.

But this can’t carry on for to long the cheering of their songs is the anathema of my destiny.

This following child is going to be a future king.

No this can’t be true.

Oh! Queen Mawiyah you are the endless existence of mine.

I no longer carry any hopes ether I do carry a soul.

I can now see the finish line of those unsaid promises of the king, of that possible love he could feel for me, and I can also see the end of the moment we never lived to taste

This is the end, the end of everything.


(A few months latter)


Antarah- The nostalgia touches my heart for a creature never known from me before, but it’s going to be my son, the true inheritor of the throne.

I can feel love for him already and I can’t wait until he is between us.

Everything is going to be even better now.

And in these moments the past by surprise reminds me of all the glory, the battles, and now I can see my empire rising day after day.

Besides, this glory lays Mawiyah, my happiness.

She accommodates my desperation and takes it away.

She is my life and death at the same time.

I reborn and I wane immediately from the love I have for her.

Then I look at her with the emotions that get slammed with each other like waves of the oceans.

And I stay in here in this long hallway where I wait for Mawiyah to give birth, birth sounds so different now that is close to make us with a child.

My queen lives me in abeyance and I long to see the new brilliant crystal of our lives.

But no matter what the minutes don’t pass quickly, they don’t even have faith to be held by their hours.

I wait to proudly keep my child in my arms but I can only hear the grousing of my queen.

My impatience it’s disturbing the horizon of silence when my questions can’t find any peace in this expectancy.

I find this eagerness to betray my heart.


Alhena –My spirit stays like an anonymous cadaver of my own sadness.

While I feel my self to be a friend of hell that has now dominated in my soul.

And why doesn’t the valley of death live me in freedom?

Why do I stay in life, in this world where the sadness doesn’t know to end?

Why do I have to see the dimly light of devil that sits next to me at all times?

Why do I feel like I lost Antarah forever?

Why my love will forever be forgotten?

I will ceaselessly pour bloody tears that will never obliterate my loss.

The loss will take my spirit elsewhere.

And even the time won’t be able to connect the opposites extremities of our desires and games of destinies.

But I still suffer, I fear suffering until eternity.

My grief is mute, no one but me can hear it.

And regardless my ache, from far away I can hear the infinitive love of the king for Mawiyah.

Love! Vindictive feeling that wonders into the edges of the blind streets, over there you climb into the walls of many hopeless hearts and then you return into a suicidal dedication for all of us.

Love knows no peace, it tries to transform itself into hundreds of shapes running through pedestals of different horizons which seems that are still lost into the heavenly undefeatable force but even so they can’t stop this feeling to keep going.

So, we continue inconsolably living through it.


Alzubra-Fair lady, will you stay in here doing nothing, fated to die little by little each day?

There will be no condolence for you and the everlasting death will never abeyance to forget your memories.

You will always suffer for the king.


Alhena-Then what can I do, the sinful minutes are going the same way my hopes are going away.

An inheritor is getting born while my love is dyeing.

Should I die with it?


Alzubra-This is not right, something must be done.

The queen still hasn’t given birth, I can hear from here the painful moaning of hers.

She is in that vicious circle of giving labor but I still don’t hear the cry of a baby.

You my fair lady still have time.

The time that can swap away her fate.

The time to defeat this curse and the king can become yours.

The time might inhale the death of the queen; take her away from the king’s heart.

Take her in the underground infernal lands from which there will be no escape and then again will take her away into the ragged arrogance of her failure.

And I wish she will woefully stay absent from this world that surrounds us, again I wish that the dessert can take her soul away into the evermore hunger of the sand that swallows every livable spirit.

She must stay away from this land, away from the Arabic empire.



Only dead, alone into the forgotten tent of her memories she might stand away.

Dead she must be, and my hopes will come back from their evanesce.

Dead she must stay in the mercy of the crypt of her new life.

Dead, but how?


Alzubra-Your powers you must use fair lady.

The vitality of your strength that was inherited to you by your parents must be used.

Those devilish powers of yours need to be explored.

The moment has arrived, now or never.

Now or your love will forever decompose.

Only this way you can be happy, only this way, otherwise everything you feel will slowly fade away and the queen will stay.

And you fair lady will be ingrained into the mercy of devil, into the unlucky love that your destiny brought along in your life.

Forever miserable.


Alhena-The minutes go by grasped into the net of my own anxiety.

The time gets lost and just a fine line tries to separate my live and death.

Alzubra is right I must do something.


Mawiyah-Dear Alhena, the pain of giving labor is strong.

They invade my body, my soul, and heart.

I long for my happiness to arrive even if an undesirable feeling seems so close to all the contours of my life.


(Alhena enters the chamber)


Alhena -Your majesty I have prepared this medicine to cure your pain, don’t deny having the help of a true friend.


Mawiyah -My dear friend Alhena, you have been a peaceful help and protection for me at all times.

You make my pain easier bringing me this medication.

I thank you from my heart, and in a breath, I swallow your curable prescription.


Alhena- Alzubra, come in here and help me.

Protect me from the guilt my conscience cries.

Lets go away, away from here.


Alzubra-Fair lady what is troubling you so much?

What are you fearing, and why are you running this way, please calm yourself and breath in silence, no one can know what happened.


Alhena-My effort to conquer my powers has been denied.

It conquered me first without giving me a chance to see the other way.

The blasts of hell brought in me the demon’s song.

The infinite hastiness of my hatred magic got close to me and I couldn’t refuse it.

The indivisibly power of mine will now be my companion.

It will lead me through the vales of my soul until the eternity like a far away dream will try to never end.

My atrocity will now bring an irreversible life for me.

Oh! How horrifying can be the power of the poising.

It entered the body of the queen Mawiyah and she will soon die.

She will die pitying the dawn that will never born again, she will die into the moonless nights without the light to ever lightened her spirit.

She will die together with her child.

How dreadful is my crime?

My powers just let me see the future, as I know it will be horrendous.

Somewhere into a distant horizon, I can see the innocent lives while they moan for help.

I can hear their silent voices to constantly peal deep down my heart.

This guilt will never live me alone.

Their death will hunt me forever.


Alzubra- Fair lady don’t despair from what happened.

The death of the queen will forever mark the happiness of your love, of your destiny next to the king Antarah.

He will finally be yours.


Alhena-I pray with all my remaining strength to be that way.


(The queen’s servants enter in her chamber)


Alima & Nalkah -No. The queen she is no longer breathing, no longer moaning for her child, no longer living.

Horror is what we are seeing.



Two lifeless bodies, mother, and son that now stay into the whispers of a deadly silence.

That mortar point had now separating the untold histories of their lives. Mother and son now repose into the arms of their creator.

They rest together, forever together, into the final shade of the poisonous intrigues.

The toxic medication that Alhena gave to her got them lost into the malediction of the real significance of life. The ancient powdery of death now prowls like a ghost of the past but that unfortunate brings with it the present and the future. The dilapidated future that holds the deadly breathes of Mawiyah who could never enjoy her happiness. But death is careless for anyone’s happiness, so it walks around the castle like a welcomed guest.


© Copyright 2016 denada. All rights reserved.

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



A long journey, yet its only the begging, the empire, the fall of it.. a king bound to his love Mawiyah and the unlucky love of theirs.. they defeat the time in order to be together...even dead they would still be alive.. alive by the ring of their fate..
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