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Submitted: April 01, 2014

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Submitted: April 01, 2014



twas not one step towards death that we aloud ourselves to take

not one inch of hope that was given

a summary of fear and death more than any human tragedy in any memory had to be done, and we had to win

and so we did...the cost?  immeasurable

the gain....obligatory

humans must is written in the fictitious sums of our belief

the remains of mankind lie in ruin upon a mountain of victory as we

bask in our own delight, our glorious empire

a sight of nothing more than a child gazing upon the fields of what his

predecessors could not control, left with the pain and agony of survival



fear not what comes before, not when, what or how, fear what comes next

an image of destiny, seen through the scope of fear

do not be ready, come whatever may, it will change you

neither for the better or worse..just different, something new

birthing a new light into the shadows of the past

as they are before but something different

as all defeated enemies become...waiting..planning and creating

new ways to ways to kill

they are strong and we used to be

the facts remain...but do not speak

no equation can predict man can speak of it...but

it's coming...they are coming...and they are almost



do not not whisper

the culture of the end lies not one lifetime away

but one moment...a silent breathe width away from the aspect of freedom

true freedom....a lie..told through the vision of those who know the truth...know

the end is near but not inevitable.... actions kill but also create...feelings that suffer but do not cry

people who will spend a lifetime just trying to live...not survive

a wasted youth...a  wasted life, as I ponder the vision's gone hazy as I march

my life has all but become to nothing as I live for them as I face what could become everything

but to me..because of me....who ?

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