friday thee 13th

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i had to write a short story for an english assignment, we had to have a vampire in it so i hope you like it :) plzzz comment it, it would make my day :P

sorry if its a bit long. but i would loveee it if you commented thankkkkkkkksssss:)
“Noooo” I yelled as he flew away in the night, I didn’t want him to leave because….because I loved him… then all of a sudden everything started shaking, I didn’t know what was happening……“Wake up Elmina! Wake up!” buena said shaking me, then I opened my eyes, I was dreaming, but it felt so real it sounded so real it was just simply so real. “Elmina hurry, come outside!” I had no idea what buena wanted to show me so I just followed her after getting out of my sleeping bag on the lounge, I was rubbing my eyes because I was still quite tired like I had no sleep at all. “What, what is it? Why’d you want me out here?” I asked curiously. “Have a look up in that tree what do you see?” pointing up to a big gum tree in Buena’s yard, lavana asked me sounding a bit frightened. “I can’t see anything why?”, “Look harder” buena whispered. “Umm, ohh now I see, it looks a bit like a… a person!” I accidently yelled the last bit, I had no idea what I was seeing. “Yer and it keeps calling your name and saying not a dream over and over again” Lavana replied, “O.M.G” I said after realising what it was, it wasn’t a dream it was really him! He was here!
16 hours earlier
Well I woke up at about 7.50am and got ready for another boring day at school.It was about 8.20 when I was ready so I walked to the bus stop.When I got there I just stood near the petrol tank leaning against the white pole like I do every day. Buena finally got to the bus stop with her sister close behind her. She came and stood next to me as she always does. “Heyy did you ask your dad for the money?” I asked her. The money was just for the sleepover we were having tonight for Friday the 13th, we wanted to buy some food and decorations for it. “No I rang him but he didn’t answer” buena said smiling and fixing her messy hair, after walking and running for a bit in the cold wind to make it to the bus stop in time. “Oh that’s sad” I replied after re-applying my chap stick because I didn’t want the stupid wind to make my lips all cracked again because I just hate it. “But ill try again tonight” buena said. “Awesome”.We talked a bit more than the bus came and we hoped on it to go to school.
Well my name is Elmina, im 16 I have brown hair with blond in it and I have dark brown eyes. Im described as shy but so buoyant, quite but so loud, sane but so abnormal by buena but that’s just her opinion, im really random and I love photography, making things and I love children. Buena is one of my best friends because I can tell her anything and she keeps it a secret. She has red hair, blue eyes and she likes to read, write and loves tigers. We finally got to school. Buene got off the bus last, yet again. We walked into the school and went over to aubree and started to walk to roll call even though the bell hadn’t rang yet, We always go there early. We were walking up the stairs in the art corridor making our way to room 2. “Heyy Elmina, do you remember that time we were sitting on these steps and there was vomit on the ground there from one of the students?” aubree said laughing a bit as we were walking up the stairs. “Umm no I don’t... That’s foul” I said in my grossest tone. “Hahahahaha” Buene laughed and that was the end of our awkward conversation. We got to our roll call and there was a scary teacher in there. So we went into the room after he left and locked the door so no one else could get in. finally the bell went and our roll call teacher got our history teacher to open the door and every one entered and sat in their seats. Roll call was pretty boring after that, aubree and Sanni just sat there reading.
The bell went at twenty past nine signalling that it was the end of roll call and start of first period. I had geography, it was just next door so it was a short walk. I sat in my seat against the wall next to Aubree and she was next to Sanni. Aubree and Sanni are also two of my close friends and they are both 14. Aubree has redy -brown hair with a bit of dirty blonde regrowth and is a bit short, she loves to read and writes a lot now too. Sanni is tall she has a redy-purple coloured hair, she’s rather quiet and she loves to read as well ohh and I she likes vampires a lot. Well Sanni got another girl to sit next to her cause she didn’t want to sit next to Marnie but it was good because Marnie didn’t end up coming that day. Aubree and I did nothing all period we were just reading, so we got Aubree’s friend that’s a guy to send us the work through my portal login so we didn’t get in trouble.
It was now second period which was child studies, I can’t wait to take the electronic baby home because I love babies. I got to class and we had to do a test straight away. I did nothing else in that class so it was boring. The lunch bell rang so Lavana, Buena and I were taking pictures of random stuff because I took my waterproof camera to school. We also platted our hair together it looked really kewl.Next we had science it was ok I didn’t do any of my work because I was on booksie the whole time editing my profile and putting pictures on there that lavana, buena and I took at lunch. There was this really cool one with Lavana squirting water and it goes over Buena’s head. So when there were about 20 minutes left of science my laptop went flat so I just talked to Sanni the whole time.
Last i had math it was ok. I sat in front of Aubree and Sanni but behind Breann and Ethan. Breann is another one of my friends, she has black hair but isn’t emo or anything, she spends most of her time on Facebook on her phone. Ethan is some guy, we use to be friends but we don’t really talk much anymore, he just scabs money of randoms but mostly sanni and Breann now. I did all my work so I was on my school laptop and Emerson turned around and pushed my laptop lid down but I stopped him before it turned off, he wouldn’t move his hand so I pushed it away. “Did you just shove me away?” he asked “Yer, like a dog” I said, it was more of a whisper i didn’t mean for him to hear me but he did. “HOW DARE YOU, don’t you ever talk to me again!” Emerson said angrily. “ok” I said then he turned around and started doing his work then like 30 seconds later he’s like “I mean it don’t talk to me” so I said nothing cause he obviously didn’t want me too.
I did the rest of my work and the bell finally went at two pm it was the end of school. So I went and hoped on my bus then Buena hoped on it as well and we talked about some stuff and when we finally got to our location I realised we hoped on the wrong bus so we had to walk up the hill but it wasn’t that bad except for Buena saying I can’t go to the sleepover anymore I have no idea what made her say it but oh well. “So can I go to the sleepover?” I asked after a bit longer. “No” she said matter-of-factly. “How about now?” I asked after about 5 minutes “no” she said again so by the time we walked up the hill and cut through the bush we were out the front of my house and I asked if I can go to the sleepover and again she was like no, so I went inside wondering if she was being sarcastic or not.
About half an hour later I decided to ring her. “Hello” someone said on the other end of the phone, it sounded like Buena but it might have been her sister. “Hello, is Bethany there?” I asked “yer” she said on the other end of the phone, then no one was talking and I was like hello for like 5 minutes but still no answer so I thought she was being a braticus so I hang up and then about 10 minutes later I rang again but someone was on the other end so she must have forgot to hang the phone up, so then I hang up and like 30 seconds later the phone rang. “Hello” I said as I answered it. “Ohh hey Elmina, it’s Buena” she said. “Ohh hey, what do you want?” “my dad said he will transfer 20 dollars for the sleepover, but my mum wants to leave to go to the shops for us asap so you need to come up and can I have Lavana’s number?” “Yer, what if I come up now and give it to you?” I asked “yer that will be kewl” then we hang up and I got changed and walked up to her house.
When I got there I knocked on the door, she answered and she was eating porridge with frozen berries in it, so I sat down on a seat and got out the number on my phone and Buena got her mums mobile and dialled her number. It was on loudspeaker, lavana answered pretty quickly. “Hello” lavana said “heyy” Buena said “who’s this?” “Umm its Buena, where are you?” she asked “im out the front of your house” then I had a look out the window and she really was, then me and Buena started laughing and we hang up. I let her in, I had a kitten in my hand. Lavana came in and put her stuff in Buena’s room and Buena got twenty dollars of her brother. Then lavana, Buena and I went and sat in the car waiting for her mum. Buena had been getting some driving taught to her by her brother in the bush which is pretty cool, So she put the key in and started it. We were about two meters away from the house, Buena hit the accelerator really hard and we went forward because it wasn’t in reverse properly. We nearly crashed into the house it was so scary but fun. We were like 30cm away from the house, when she put the brake on we all went forward and screamed really loud. We jumped out of the car laughing. Buena and lavana ran away and I ran inside still laughing and there was her mum and brother looking out of the window her mum was really angry. She told Buena not to ever do it again on her land but her brother was rather proud of her because she used the brakes really good and she saved our life! Well after that her brother let her drive the car a bit and then we left for the shops.
Her mum was driving and lavana and I were in the back. Nothing really happened on the drive to woollies except for the guys out the window and buena yelled at them and she got in trouble. we got to woollies and we bought some chips, food dye, Doritos, ice-cream, fizzy drink, butter, a cake mix, cheese and bacon shapes and three yo-gos, and yes that is exactly what we bought how awkward. When we were buying this stuff lavana was sitting in the trolley the whole time and at one stage someone that works there told her to hop out of the trolley because apparently it’s dangerous so she did. We rearranged our food to make it look nice. Then we were walking to the checkout and we saw this guy from our school and Buena tried ramming into him with the trolley. Lavana started silently laughing and I asked why and she whispered into my ear saying his fly’s undone then we both cracked up laughing, but Buena had no idea what we were on about so we told her we will tell her later. When we got to the checkout our stuff came to too much money because we wanted to buy decorations as well so we put two yo-gos back and lavana got hers. Then we paid for our stuff and went to the car.
We couldn’t find her mum so Buena did a lap around Woolworths but didn’t find her. Then she went down the big drain thingy and I seriously almost fell down it but I grabbed the wire fence and I was hanging there, it was really freaky. Lavana and I wrote a message on the paper around the lemonade bottle saying “dear mum, we can’t find you, so were going for a walk” I put it under the window wiper on the back of the car so her mum would see it when she came back. When Buena came back from searching for her lost mummy we went for a walk to the reject shop so we could by decorations for the sleepover. We ran into her mum so she took the trolley and we went to the reject shop. Buena and Lavana ran off but I hate running so I walked. By the time I got there they were hiding in the shop, I found them and Leticia was holding a big toy bear. We bought some black streamers and lavana bought some Mentos cubes. We were walking back to the car when lavana realised she lost her heart necklace and she was all sad cause she said her grandma gave it to her, but she didn’t want to go back and try to find it so we didn’t. We saw 3 girls from school we know but didn’t say hi because we don’t like them. We got back to the car and we drove home. Buena said I still can’t go to her sleepover but her home said I can, so I asked if I can get dropped off at my house so I could have a shower and get my stuff, so her mum dropped me off.
When I went inside my house It was really warm because I have an air conditioner in my room and I had a quick shower then I packed my bag. i grabbed my pillow and sleeping bag, I got my waterproof camera and I got some cheese for Buena’s mum, then I walked to her house. It was just about dark and when I got there I knocked and her mum answered it and she’s like ‘come in Elmina’ so I entered the house and I put my stuff on the lounge. Buena and Lavana weren’t there so I went out the back and saw them over the fence. They came in and Breann was there as well, lavana and Breann had red bull and there such brats cause they didn’t get me one. We decided to do the cooking and stuff first so I got started with the rainbow cake and the other three got to scoop the insides out of the pumpkin. I finished mixing the cake so I put it in the oven but buena was still getting the insides out of the pumpkin so her mum helped us. Whilst she was doing that we decided to make a horror movie. we did one of the murder scenes where I slit Lavana’s neck when she was running the bath, the camera was under the water looking up at Lavana and then she screams and I slit her throat and she falls into the bath tub and the water is all red it is quite amazing. When we looked at the video on my laptop I kept replaying it this one spot where Lavana was screaming when the knife was at her throat and we all cracked up laughing, it was one of those laughing sessions where you can’t breathe and it goes on forever.So I went and got the cake out of the oven and it was awesome I cut it and it was all rainbow, it was amazing. After we stuffed ourselves we decided to get ready for the disco. We put our stupid makeup on then and got changed and we went to the disco.
We took some photos whilst walking to the club, when we got to the club none of us wanted to go inside except for buena. After 5 minutes of whining we went inside and there were about 6 other kids at the age of 3 and up to about 10. It was 8 when we got there and after we had our bathroom brake which has a bed in it! We went to the dancing floor and started dancing it was soo fun then we requested the song ‘marry you’ and he played it and we were all singing and jumping around we were spinning each other around and stuff, the dj man chucked us lollies cause were awesome and he liked our moves, we even did the limbo. We also saw his 5 year old son doing the shuffle on the stage when it came up in party rock anthem it was super cute. after we finished our dancing it was 9 o’clock and it was over so we were all hypo, so I said let’s roll down the hill because buena, aubree and I did it on Friday the 13th last year. we all rolled down the wet grassy hill except for Breann because she just didn’t want to cause she’s just kewl like that, not. Well it was really fun, we walked up to the top of the hill and we laid down and just stared up at the beautiful stars for about 10 minutes just talking about how fun that night was. When we finally got home which only took 5 minutes we went into her brothers room but he wasn’t there, we just wanted to use the laptop. Lavana went on Facebook and was on the computer for ages like 40 minutes whilst she was on it buena and I ate some ice-cream then all four of us ate the whole pack of Doritos and drank some fizzy drink. We also looked at all the photos we took and had a good old laugh. We also ate the potato and sweet potato bake when we got home that her mum made it was really nice. So then when lavana was on the laptop I got bored so I grabbed my sleeping bag and hopped on the lounge and fell asleep.
It was a wonderful night, there were so many stars, I could hear the noise from an owl it sounded really close so I looked around, it wasn’t in site but I did realise I was on top of a roof it was covered in a beautiful garden, there were so many wonderful flowers. I was sitting on a soft black cushiony swing seat in the middle of the garden. The building I was on was really tall I could see a couple more buildings beside me but not as tall as this one. The view was absolutely amazing. There was a big lake about 200 meters away. There were lots of boats there but no movement. The moon was shining brightly sending of silver shining rays across the water, the whole place was amazing.
So I was just sitting there admiring the view when all of a sudden there was this noise like scratching of the chalk board, but there was no one around. Then I felt this cold breeze against my neck so I turned around and there was a man, or a boy he looked young about 17 or something. He was wearing black jeans and a red t-shirt with black wings on it, he had pale skin, short black hair and dark brown eyes almost black, he looked a bit freaky. He frightened me when I first turned around, “Umm heyy” I said after none of us said anything, “hello” he said, in a creepy tone “can I help you?” I asked, not knowing what he wanted. “Yes, indeed you can” now he was freaking me out “what do you want?” “I need you to help me with something” he replied in a creepy slow tone. “Umm what is that?” I asked “I need you to help me, I’ve been shot” showing me his shoulder where the bullet had entered, there wasn’t much blood at all, it didn’t really gross me out I can always stand things like cuts and stuff. “O.M.G you need to get to a hospital!” I said a bit loudly “no I can’t, its fine I just need you to get it out... please” he asked in an angry voice that made me wont to laugh. “why can’t you go to the hospital, they know what they’re doing there they’ll fix you” I said looking away from him out at the lake “but that’s where they expect me to go” he said not noticing he said it out loud “who” I asked “ohh no one don’t worry”he replied “what, just tell me” I said “the guys that did it, there after me they want to kill me” he yelled “what!?, why’d you come to me, go to someone else im only a teen I can’t help you im sorry” I said not wanting to hurt his feelings.
It was real freaky, He grabbed me by the shoulder squizzing really tight, “no, you get the bullet out now or else!” he yelled at me, he was really freaking me out now, I didn’t know what to do. “But I don’t know how” I told him stuttering. “Please, it’s easy. If you can’t do it get me the things and I will!” he said “umm ok, where do I get the supplies from?” I asked curiously “from your house, you’ve got to have something useable” he said “umm ok but, but where am I, I don’t know how to get home, where am i?” and it hit me, I had no idea where I was, I didn’t know how to get home, now everything was getting weirder by the second. “Ohh yer I forgot, ok if I tell you something can you swear not to tell anyone?” he asked “umm like a secret?” “Yes” “ok, what is it?” “Don’t be scared, but I’ll show you just hold on to me” he said opening his arms wanting me to hold onto him. “What are you going to do?” I asked suspiciously “im gonna show you my secret, if I tell, you won’t believe me, ohh and I’ll take you home” he said still with his arms out “umm ok, just don’t hurt me” I said, I didn’t know what it was but it felt right like I was supposed to go with him, like all of this was supposed to happen. So I got up of the seat and walked up to him hesitantly not knowing where to put my hands he said “just like your hugging me” he said like he could read my mind. So I put my arms around him as if I was hugging him. He was really tall, but I liked that it was nice “hold on tight, and think of your home, picture it in your head” he said whilst putting his arms around me securing us. So I closed my eyes, held on to him tightly and pictured my house then all of a sudden I felt the air, lovely cold air and I was flying, it was so amazing well he was flying. I wasn’t freaked out at all it’s like I knew this was gonna happen, and plus I love the heights. When I opened my eyes everything was a blur we were going so fast then all of a sudden we landed on the ground.
It was my back yard it was amazing how he did it I have no idea. “Wow, So you can fly, that’s amazing” “I’m gonna tell you something but don’t be scared” “ok, I won’t” “im also vampyre” then he exposed his fangs I screamed and fell back, but he caught me with his super-fast vampyre speed. “ sorry I didn’t mean to scream i.. I just didn’t expect that, well I didn’t expect any of this”I said trying not to show how frightened I was but I wasn’t that frightened I found it quite kewl, and always had been a sorta fan and believer of vampires. “Ohh that’s ok I don’t care, your reaction wasn’t as bad as I expected” he said “ok, well I think its kinda kewl that you’re a vampyre, but are you gonna drink my blood?” I asked. I was rather frightened. “No, can you just get me those supplies, I do feel pain ya know” he said laughing a bit. “ok no problem” then ii walked inside and went into the bathroom grabbed some tweezers and a bandage, padding stuff and disinfectant, then I went back outside and he was randomly sitting on the hammock so I went to call him over when I realised I didn’t know his name, but it felt like I should have. “Umm you, vampy come over here, and what’s your name?” I said whilst placing all the stuff on the table on the back patio. “Haha, my name is Emerson” he said whilst walking over to me, I pointed to the seat next to the table with all the supplies and he sat and grabbed the tweezers. “oh ok awesome im el…” he cut me off before I could finish “Elmina, yes I know” he said making me shocked “what how do you know my name?” I asked “I have you on fb” he said laughing “what no way!” I said in shock. “haha yer we talked once but im never on anymore I’ve been way to busy running away from these guys that did this (pointing to his shoulder) to me” he said “ohh, is it ok if a ask you why there after you?” I asked curiously “well ok but you can’t tell anyone….. it all started when I was about eleven years old……..
6 years earlier…..
“Make your bed now!” mum said yelling at me “but I don’t want to” I said “yer and I don’t want to take care of you, but I don’t have a choice” she said being smart “whatever mum, just shut up” I said angrily. Then I went back into my room and made my bed really quickly just straightening the doona out and fixing the pillow. I only did it because if I didn’t she would have been nagging me all day. Then I grabbed my back pack and went out the front door, trying not to let mum hear me. Luckily she didn’t so I went down the steps of my house and started walking to Ryan’s house. Ryan is one of my best friends. Whilst walking there it felt as though someone was watching me but there was absolutely no one in sight or no movement. It was really dark and cold on my walk, I was about half way there when there was some guy all dressed in black walking along the path as well towards me. When he went past our shoulders brushed and I turned around to say sorry and then all of a sudden he grabbed me by the shoulders, ripped my jacket off my shoulder and sunk his sharp teeth into my pulsating neck. It was a bit painful at first but then it felt nice. I was getting weaker and weaker by the second but the man was holding me up. Finally he detached himself from me, putting me gently on the ground and that’s when everything went black.
I woke up and my sight was a little blurry but it came back eventually. I was lying on a bed in a dark and freaky room. The light was dim and I could hear cracks in the floor. Then a man entered and he just stood there staring and finally he smiled. “So boy what’s your name?” he said smiling still, looking very happy. “What, who are you?” I asked being scared “im your creator, you will know me now as your father” what the hell was he on about “I don’t know what you’re talking about” I told him “I turned you into a vampire” he said “so what’s your name boy?” this couldn’t be happening “it’s... its Emerson, but vampires aren’t real” I said “oh yes they are and you are now one to” he told me. Then he left the room.
The next couple of days were very nerve racking as i was in the room most of the time still trying to tell myself I was really a vampire. It was cool that I was one but the worst part about it was that I couldn’t go home to see my mum. Ohh and Dracula is actually my dad! “Come on boy, it’s your first feeding time... Let’s go” Dracula said. I was sorta excited to go feed, I was so hungry but whatever I ate didn’t help. We went in a black car and arrived at a park “go on boy, all you need to do is grab and bite” Dracula said to me trying to encourage me. “But I don’t want to kill anyone” he didn’t reply. I was a bit nervous as well. So I hoped out the car and started walking around. I saw a girl, older than me walking down a path so I went to her, I was a bit nervous at start but then I just grabbed her and bit into the veins of her neck. Her skin was easy to break through, then all the blood started oozing into my mouth. It sent me a burst of power I felt so strong, it tasted so good I couldn’t stop. The girl was getting weaker, falling to the ground but I held her up. I was really strong now im a vampire then all of a sudden someone grabbed me and ripped us apart. I ripped her cuts more making them bigger but they healed in an instant. ”you have to control yourself” another vampire guy said “sorry, I won’t do it again” I said “that’s alright, I was worse on my first feed” the man said “come on time to go” my new father yelled so we both walked to the car together and headed home.
And that’s how I was turned. I haven’t talked to my mum since. Ive seen her around, like shops and stuff but I can’t talk to her that would be braking another rule. Ive said hi to ryan before though he didn’t know who I was and I didn’t want to tell him, but I will do it one day. Ohh and they’re after me because if you’re a vampire your supposed to follow the rules of the vampire council, but ever since I was turned at age 11 I didn’t like killing people to well.. drink, so I went to the hospital and stole blood bags and when they found out I got in trouble and was forced to drink from humans for about three years, but now I’ve stooped and went back to hospitals for the blood and the council has their suspicions and there after me and if they catch me I’ll probably be imprisoned for 10 years or even my life who knows what there like” he said, I don’t think he wanted to talk about it I guess.
“wow, I had no idea that’s what you had to do its sounds so gross biting into peoples necks and draining them dry” I said with a little bit of a laugh “yer well they shot me tonight, and I don’t think I can go back home they’ll get me, so can I stay here?” he asked looking sad “umm there’s nowhere you can sleep” I answered “I can sleep in the hammock I can’t fell the cold, it’ll be fine” he told me “well ok then, but don’t you need to stay out of the sun?” I asked with a worried tone “no I can stand it plus I’ll be gone by then” he said. Then he went and tried getting the bullet out of his shoulder he put the tweezers in and did a little yelp, it looked really painful “here let me do it” I said putting my hand out for the tweezers. He gave them to me and I got the bullet out no problem, then I put the bandages and stuff on it and it was all good “thankyou Elmina” he said with his lovely smile “no problem, I’ve always wanted to meet a vampyre, go flying and get a bullet out of his arm, I guess I can cross them of my bucket list, hahaha” I said laughing at the end, he just smiled at me with his awesome white teeth. “Haha, no problem” then he stood up to me and hugged me, it was so nice to be hugged with so much love. I was really starting to like him, he was an amazing person, I was so glad I met him.
“Ok well its kinda late aint you tired?” he asked “no not really” I replied. Then all of a sudden there was this big bang on the roof like a football had been kicked up there “quick get inside!” he whispered gently pushing me towards the back door “why, what is it?” I asked “it’s them, quick go!” he told me, so I went inside and was standing at the door watching him behind the curtain there, and then I saw this man, he looked familiar like I had seen him before or something. Emerson walked up to him “go leave now” he yelled “or what? You’ll hurt me?” he the man said in a childish voice “yer I will, but come on lets go somewhere else we don’t want the humans to suspect anything” he said in a manly voice “ohh no that would be terrible now wouldn’t it boys” then two other men landed behind the creepy man that I thought I knew and said “oh no sir of course not” in a childish voice as well. Then I scratched my nose and accidently hit the glass door, it caused one of the scary man’s sidekicks to look at me but I moved behind the curtain, I don’t know if he saw me though. “Come get me” Emerson said then I heard him fly away with the others after him, I hoped he was gonna be okay I really didn’t want him to get I hurt I really liked him. I looked outside and no one was there, I hope he’ll come back as well.
Then I started walking to my room when the door knocked, it was about 1 am, so I went to the door and opened it there was a man there and he opened the screen door and said “heyy im Emerson’s friend can you step outside I need to talk to you for a second, we wouldn’t want anyone inside to be woken up now would we” the man said so I hoped outside “ok what do you want?” I asked curiously, then all of a sudden the door closed I tried to open it but it wouldn’t open and the man grabbed me and started flying, he was going really fast so everything was a blur, then I ended up on that same roof again with all the flowers on it near the lake, the man let go of me and I fell to the ground. “Come on child, follow me” he commanded “no!” I yelled in a pile on the floor. Then the man stopped and turned around slowly he grabbed me by the t-shirt and pulled me up, he whispered into my ear “you will do what I say, you know I can kill you whenever I want” In a really creepy voice, it was pretty scary “let her go!” someone said I turned around and it was that scary guy I thought I knew “now! We need her, we can use her for bait. We know Emerson has a thing for her, he’ll come” he said talking to the guy holding onto my shirt, he dropped me and I fell.
“Indeed I will come and get her!” yay it was Emerson, im was so glad he was her. Then he jumped down and landed on some flowers wrecking them, he stood onto the pebble path with an odd object in his hand I didn’t know what it was “ohh no, sir that’s a lucis!” the sideman said “he won’t use it we know he won’t he’s not brave enough, he know he will get killed by the council if he does” the scary man said, then I realised who he was! He looked a lot like Dracula from that story we had to read the other day! Wow I can’t believe it was him! I didn’t think he was real! “ohh yes I will” then he pointed it up and put his finger on the button thing his eyes turned florescent purple it was amazing, then the light that came from it hit the sidekick man and it burnt him. he fell to the ground and then disappeared, then Emerson pointed the lucis to Dracula but he quickly flew away so he wouldn’t die.
It was now just Emerson and I, he put the lucis back into his pocket and let out a big sigh then sat on the swinging seat. “ummmmm” I said slowly not knowing what had just happened “don’t worry I doubt they will come back for a while” he said feeling very happy for them going away “that’s good I guess, you were very brave and im just so glad you saved me from getting beheaded” I said with I bit of a laugh at the end. “My pleasure, I was glad to save you” he said smiling at me. “Thank you” then I sat down on the seat next to him. He was so amazing I don’t know what it was but I just loved to be close to him. “Elmina, it’s time for me to go” he said sadly, “but i… I want to spend more time with you” I said “we’ve spent heaps of time together” “what how?” “the truth is… it’s me remember from year 4 we were best friends, but then I moved, can’t you remember?” he said sounding a bit sad “O.M.G it really you, of course I remember you” I said sounding very happy the he hugged me, it was so nice hugging him again then all of a sudden his lips touched mine, they were so warm and soft, it was amazing. Then we parted. “Hold on I’ll take you home. Then it was the blurriness again and I was finally home.
“Good bye, im gonna miss you” Emerson said sadly “will I see you again?” I said curiously “I don’t know, maybe not” then he left. “Noooo” I yelled as he flew away in the night, I didn’t want him to leave because….because I loved him… then all of a sudden everything started shaking, I didn’t know what was happening……“Wake up Elmina! Wake up!” buena said shaking me, then I opened my eyes, I was dreaming, but it felt so real it sounded so real it was just simply so real. “Elmina hurry, come outside!” I had no idea what buena wanted to show me so I just followed her after getting out of my sleeping bag on the lounge, I was rubbing my eyes because I was still quite tired like I had no sleep at all. “What, what is it? Why’d you want me out here?” I asked curiously. “Have a look up in that tree what do you see?” pointing up to a big gum tree in Buena’s yard, lavana asked me sounding a bit frightened. “I can’t see anything why?”, “Look harder” buena whispered. “Umm, ohh now I see, it looks a bit like a… a person!” I accidently yelled the last bit, I had no idea what I was seeing. “Yer and it keeps calling your name and saying not a dream over and over again” Lavana replied, “O.M.G” I said after realising what it was, it wasn’t a dream it was really him! He was here!
I couldn’t believe he was really here. I thought it was just a dream. Well I guess it wasn’t. “Emerson, come down from there” I said “what! You know him?” lavana said yelling. Then he jumped down from the tree and landed beside me. “Hahaha, you should have seen their faces they were heaps scared, Hahaha” he said laughing and putting his arm around my shoulder “so you just did that to scare them?” I asked laughing a bit “yer of course well it is Friday the 13th” he said “haha nice” then I high fived him. “How dare you” Breann yelled. Then Emerson and I walked back up to the house and we all went inside.
“So, why’d you come back?” I asked him whilst sitting on the lounge. “Because I can” he said being smart. “How do yous know each other?” lavana asked “we were good friends as children” Emerson said. “Oh ok then” she said. After that we didn’t really have much to talk about. We all played truth or dare and we watched ‘Friday the 13th’ Breann got it from video easy. Eventually we all fell asleep, buena got the long lounge Breann got the smaller one, lavana and i slept on the floor on a mattress and Emerson was on the ground next to me. I was glad Buena mum let him stay the night. We just told her he couldn’t get home, his car broke down. I couldn’t get to sleep there was too much on my mind. I couldn’t believe Emerson was back, id missed him so much. I turned over and saw that he was looking at me, he scared me a bit I didn’t expect him to be awake. We just stared at each other for a bit then he grabbed my hand and said “I’ve missed you” then i fell asleep.

Submitted: June 19, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Denim Mishi. All rights reserved.

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Love this like woah,

Thu, November 3rd, 2011 3:59am


mwahahhahaha, its rather gay

Thu, November 10th, 2011 2:30pm

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